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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Estate Works Program

The Estate Works Program (EWP) provides facilities maintenance projects aimed at restoring or sustaining capability and addressing safety and compliance requirements of facilities and infrastructure on the Defence Estate. The program also provides for minor development of new capability (Minor New Works) and for delivery of Sponsor Funded Works.

Delivery of works through the EWP involves SEG staff, contractors - Base Services Contracts and Defence personnel working together to deliver maintenance and sustainment benefits across the Defence Estate. Click on the "Roles and Responsibilities" section in the blue side menu for a detailed summary of the roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders in supporting effective EWP outcomes, or to view the FAS is described in the FAS-SDD endorsed Estate Works Program RACI document.

Program Development and Management

The National Program Services (NPS) contractor Cushman & Wakefield, directly support the Directorate of Estate Works Program Office (DEWPO) through the provision of program development and program management services.

The Future Requirements List lists all planned requirements under consideration for the future Estate Works Program and/or other estate programs. The list includes previously endorsed requirements and new requirements.

More information about the Future Requirements List.and key milestones can be found on the Program Review page.

Developing the Future Program
Describes the process for developing, reviewing and endorsement of the future Estate Works Program.

Estate Works Program Lifecycle

Sponsored Works
Process for requesting works funded by Sponsor.

Estate Investment Requirement
Business case for requesting works in Estate Works Program.

Estate Program Variation Request
Inclusion of Out of Cycle Requirements into the Estate Works Program.

Project Delivery

The Project Delivery Services (PDS) contractors Augility and Aurecon provide project management services on approved construction, maintenance and consultancy projects that require a centrally coordinated approach across multiple sites across Australia. Dependant on the nature of works, some projects are offered to the EMOS for delivery.

Note: Should you require contact with DEWPO, NPS or PDS, please refer to the EWP Contacts page.

Last Modified: December 2022
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DEWPO