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For ADF members and their families

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Leaving the ADF

At some point in their career, all ADF members will leave the military and transition to civilian life. It’s a significant decision that can involve your family. Planning early will make sure you’re informed and ready to enter the next phase of your life.

You must complete your transition with ADF Transition Support Services so you understand the process, your administrative requirements, and the support available to you. We encourage you to involve your family throughout your transition experience.

Transition support network

Transitioning to civilian life is a shared responsibility. When you decide to leave the ADF you should engage with your family, your Unit, and ADF Transition Support Services.

Your Unit can speak to you about the transition process and connect you with your local ADF Transition Centre. Your centre will introduce you to a Transition Support Officer who will help you and your family through the transition process and:

  • provide you with an individual transition plan
  • offer career coaching during your transition and up to 12 months afterwards
  • help you meet your administrative requirements
  • help you leave with all documentation like service, medical, and training records
  • facilitate connections to Defence and government support services.

ADF Transition Seminar

You and your family can attend an ADF Transition Seminar at any time during your ADF career to help you prepare for your transition. Seminars are held nationally throughout the year. You’ll receive information from Defence and other organisations on topics like finance and superannuation, health, relocating, employment, and ex-service organisation support.

ADF Member and Family Transition Guide

The ADF Member and Family Transition Guide – A Practical Manual to Transitioning contains detailed information on the transition process for ADF members. The Guide includes information on support services and administrative requirements. It includes checklists to help you navigate the transition process.