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Defence Member and Family Support

For ADF members and their families

1800 624 608

Arrival in Australia

On arrival in Australia you should be met by a Host Officer who will provide you with information and contacts to help you settle into your new ADF career and life in Australia.

Emergency supplies on arrival

Basic items such as coffee, tea, milk, personal items and phone cards may be available from convenience stores at the airport of your arrival. Alternatively, a convenience store or supermarket may be near your hotel – check with your hotel reception for guidance.

Temporary accommodation

Members are provided with temporary accommodation and certain allowances for a short time once they have arrived in Australia and are waiting for their service residence to become available.

Where a family is unable to move into their service residence due to circumstances beyond their control, approval must be sought for an extension in the temporary accommodation. If the period goes beyond the entitlement, the temporary accommodation will attract a contribution from the member.

Additional allowances are not payable except in exceptional circumstances. This should be discussed with the Overseas Admin and Civilian Relocation Team case manager whose details will be provided to you.

Members must apply to their ship/unit for local leave to move into their property when it becomes available.