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For ADF members and their families

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Partner Employment Assistance Program

The Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP) provides funding for initiatives to assist ADF partners with employment when they are relocated on posting, or if their ADF member is medically transitioning. The two support initiatives offered under PEAP are:

  • professional employment services
  • professional re-registration – re-registration must be state based and required by legislation

Support under the professional employment services is for a maximum of $1,500 per posting. Support for re-registration costs can be provided in addition to the $1,500.

Partners have the flexibility of opting to receive services from Defence’s professional employment services provider or a provider of their choice.

On this page:

Using the Defence service provider
Using another employment services provider
Professional re-registration fees
Changing an existing application or requesting additional services
Key eligibility requirements

Using the Defence service provider

PEAP has been expanded to include new employment services for ADF partners from Defence’s service provider. The benefits of using Defence’s service provider are:

  • you can access services within 48 hours of application approval
  • you do not need to provide a quote for services
  • you do not need to request payment of an invoice or seek reimbursement
  • you will work with a professional, quality assured provider.

Services available through the Defence provider

Job-Search Preparation virtual workshop:

Delivered in a variety of formats. Partners can undertake a Job Search Preparation (JSP) workshop at any time throughout a posting. There is no cost to the partner for this service, and it will not impact upon the $1,500 professional employment services support cap.

The JSP workshop will help you manage your career, sell your skills and experience, build or refine your resume and provide an opportunity for you to gain further employment assistance through other initiatives such as Job Connections.

The JSP virtual workshop is delivered by webinar over four, two-hour modules which include:

  • Module 1: Career insight and planning
    • identification of transferrable skills
  • Module 2: Personal branding (resume development)
    • development of a personalised resume and/or resume coaching
  • Module 3: Networking and job search
    • employment options and job placement advice
    • job search techniques and strategies
    • development of an online employment profile
    • application and selection criteria coaching
  • Module 4: Preparing for interviews
    • preparation and presentation coaching for interviews.

You will also receive lifetime access to an online portal containing thousands of career resources, tools and learning units to support your career planning.

The virtual workshops can be accessed from home or on a portable device through Microsoft Teams.

To become job ready and to gain access to potential employment opportunities faster, consider undertaking a JSP workshop prior to applying for Job Connections through the Defence provider.

Apply for a Job Search Preparation workshop

Job Connections:

Job Connections is for partners who have a current and contemporary resume and are interview ready.

After assessing your job readiness and employment preferences the Defence provider will develop your personalised hiring plan that includes your preferred organisations and roles. The Defence provider will identify job opportunities that match your preferences, arranging applications and interviews with perspective employers. The Defence provider uses their national employment network to connect you to potential employers and because roles aren’t always advertised, the Defence provider will also uncover the hidden opportunities in your region.

It is recommended that you undertake the JSP workshop prior to commencing Job Connections to ensure your branding (resume / LinkedIn) and interview skills are market ready.

Apply for Job Connections

Using another employment services provider

Partners may also choose their own provider for employment services.

Eligible services include:

  • development of a personalised resume and/or resume coaching
  • identification of transferrable skills
  • employment options and job placement advice
  • job search techniques and strategies
  • development of an online employment profile
  • application and selection criteria coaching
  • preparation and presentation coaching for interviews

Learn more about sourcing your own employment services provider.

Choosing your own provider requires partners to follow the invoice payment guidelines outlined below.

Before you start

Applications for PEAP must be approved before you engage with a service provider. It is not possible to approve and fund applications for professional employment services retrospectively.

If you are choosing your own provider, you MUST support your application with a quote for services from your service provider. There is an option to attach the quote to your PEAP application.

The service provider

You must use a service provider with an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Any contract entered into between an approved applicant and a professional employment service provider is a private matter. Defence is not a party to that contract and does not have a role in case of a dispute.

Payment options

There are two payment options for services approved under PEAP.

The first option is for DMFS to pay the service provider on your behalf. In this instance the invoice MUST include the following information:

  • the invoice is addressed to “[Applicant’s Name] c/o Department of Defence”
  • the name of the service provider
  • the service provider’s ABN
  • the itemised services provided
  • the amount owing
  • the date the invoice was issued
  • the service provider’s preferred payment method.

The second option is for you to be reimbursed after your application has been approved and you have paid the provider directly. On receipt of payment confirmation, expenses will be reimbursed into your ADF member’s bank account as registered on the Defence Accounts Payable system. Confirmation documentation must include a copy of the receipt(s) from the service provider clearly detailing:

  • your name
  • the itemised services provided
  • the amount paid
  • the date of payment.

Where to send invoices and receipts

All invoices and receipts must be forwarded to DMFS by email or mail.

Mail: Defence Member and Family Support, PO Box 7921, Canberra BC ACT 2610

Repaying funds

If your circumstances change and you are unable to undertake or complete the approved PEAP services, you must advise DMFS in writing and arrange reimbursement to Defence. Partners seeking to repay funds can send their written request to

DMFS will seek written confirmation of the debt from your ADF member and forward the debt details to Defence Accounts Receivable, who will then issue an invoice to your member detailing the available payment options.

Apply for funding towards employment services

Professional re-registration fees

Covers the cost of professional re-registration, required under legislation, for partners when relocating interstate as a result of their ADF partner’s posting.

What you need to know:

  • Costs under this initiative will be supported in addition to the $1,500 maximum limit for professional employment services.
  • Registration must be state-based, and legally required by the relevant industry. For example, registration for teaching and real estate agents.
  • Applications will need to be accompanied by evidence of prior registration held in the previous location and a table of fees from the new registering body.
  • Annual registration or initial registration costs are not supported under PEAP and are the responsibility of the partner to fund.

Making payment options:

  1. You are able to pay the registering body directly and submit receipts to DMFS for reimbursement. Expenses will be reimbursed to the ADF member’s bank account 30 days after a receipt of a completed application and payment confirmation.

    Receipts need to clearly show: payment from you or your ADF member, a description of services provided and the associated costs.

    If you are unsure whether your application meets the criteria for funding assistance, please submit an application prior to paying for registration fees.

  2. After an application has been approved, payments can also be made by DMFS on your behalf. You will be required to submit a tax invoice addressed to “(your name), c/o Department of Defence.” Invoices must be a valid tax invoice that complies with the requirements of taxation law.

    Please see the following link to the ATO website for further guidance:

Apply for funding towards re-registration

Changing an existing application or requesting additional services

Partners are able to change an existing application, or request additional services under the PEAP initiatives by accessing the online Application Form.

Under Section 3 of the Application Form, you should select the statement that best describes your individual circumstances.

If you choose to change an existing application or request additional services you will be required to quote the previously approved invoice reference number.

Key eligibility requirements

To be eligible for PEAP you must be:

  • a recognised partner of an ADF member serving in the permanent forces or the Reserves under SERVOP C (Continuous Full-Time Service) arrangements
  • undertaking or have undertaken a relocation due to the posting of the ADF member; or
  • a recognised partner of an ADF member transitioning for medical reasons.

Please note: The eligibility criteria for PEAP has been temporarily expanded to support families during COVID-19. Partners of ADF members can access PEAP at any time during the posting cycle and do not need to have recently relocated with the member.

How to apply

  • Interested partners should read the information relevant to the initiative they are applying for prior to completing the online PEAP Application Form.
  • Partners choosing their own employment services provider, or applying for professional re-registration, MUST provide additional documentation to support and submit their application. See the PEAP Guidelines for more information.

Important information

  • PEAP funding may attract Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) which is recorded against the ADF member. The ADF member is required to acknowledge that the program is FBT reportable in the application questionnaire. See the PEAP Guidelines for more information.
  • Funding is not guaranteed and is subject to the availability of sufficient funding in the relevant financial year.
  • Guidance on PEAP invoice payment options.

Further information

For more information see the full PEAP Guidelines.

For additional information, or assistance completing an application, please call the Defence Member and Family Helpline on 1800 624 608, or email