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Defence Member and Family Support

For ADF members and their families

1800 624 608


Information on this page is provided to help members and their families considering a posting to Woomera.

For further information contact your Unit Welfare Officer for assistance.

Defence personnel considering a posting to Woomera are advised to contact 20 Squadron, or Air Force Test Range Squadron, and contact their Unit Welfare Officer for assistance and further information.

For personalised advice about your local area, call the all-hours Defence Member and Family Helpline on 1800 624 608.

COVID-19 Resources

With the internet and social media flooded with a range of COVID-19 information and advice, it’s important to make sure the information you’re seeking comes from an official source. To help you, we’ve put together a list of official websites where families can get up-to-date information about a range of COVID issues like travel restrictions and border closures, non-essential travel and fines, testing locations, school arrangements, jobs and business information.

If you are looking for national information and contacts about COVID-19, see the Coronavirus tab on our Emergency and Crisis webpage.

We have also developed a Coronavirus Advice webpage which has a range of information and resources about wellbeing, tips to manage in isolation, how to support kids, maintaining healthy relationships and information about reunion leave arrangements.

For more mental health and wellbeing information and resources see our Health and Wellbeing webpage.

Information about Defence’s involvement in the whole-of-government response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including live blog updates can be found at the Defence response to COVID-19.

We’ve also put together some other educational resources that may help families with children during COVID-19 restrictions.

Moving to Woomera

The Woomera township has a population of 140, with around 10 to 15 children. The township is similar to the domestic area of a RAAF Base, but Woomera is unique in that it is open to the general public.

Helpful tips when you are moving to Woomera

Come into your posting to Woomera with an open mind.

Research the surrounding area and facilities prior to posting, ideally visit Woomera before posting and make time to talk to the member you or your partner is replacing. Families can tend to face more challenges than the serving member due to the remoteness of the posting.

Think about how your family will cope with the isolation and limitations of the area. Be aware that living in a very small community means that privacy can be hard to achieve. It also means that people usually care for and look out for each other.

Housing & accommodation

Housing in Woomera is managed by Defence service provider Ventia, not Defence Housing Australia (DHA).

Housing is modest for a member without dependants (MWOD) and small for a family. Housing allocations are considered on a case-by-case basis determining the best fit possible for the family unit.

Houses are currently being refurbished to a basic standard, but fall short of a DHA standard. All houses have air-conditioning and relatively large yards. Rooms are small and reflect the era in which they were built.

Repairs on houses may take time as contractors may be required to travel from Roxby Downs or Port Augusta.

A standard house layout includes:

  • Three or four bedrooms
  • living/lounge room
  • dining room
  • one toilet
  • one bathroom
  • a laundry
  • a small and basic outside entertaining area
  • a single car carport (not garage) and shed.

Toll removals

When booking your removal with TOLL you will need to let them know the house is managed by Ventia, not DHA.

Talk to your DHA case manager about storage of excess furniture and belongings.

Rent, electricity & water

Rent is reflective of the standard of housing and Ventia manage payments for rent, electricity and water.


Regional digital television is available in Woomera. Pay television dishes are not provided with houses and there is no entitlement for a dish or mounting and orientation.

Any contracting or purchasing of pay television products or installation costs are at member’s own expense.

Internet availability

Currently ADSL2.0 is available but is limited. Contact your preferred service provider to check availability.

Mobile phone service

Mobile phone service is limited, so check thoroughly with your service provider for coverage in remote areas of Australia.

School, preschool & childcare

Woomera Area School is a small school with around 8 to 10 students. If you have school-aged children, you should discuss schooling with the DMFS Education Liaison Officer.

There is currently no provision for preschool or childcare in Woomera but there is a playgroup available.

For more information visit

Partner employment

Limited employment for partners is available in Woomera. Opportunities can become available for employment on the base with Ventia.


There is a small corner store in Woomera, open seven days a week, but it only has limited items, mainly non-perishable.

Weekly shopping for fruit, vegetables and meat will need to done in either Roxby Downs (76km away) or Port Augusta (180km away).

Roxby Downs has a large supermarket, chemist, bakery, hardware, auto parts, hospital, dentist, physiotherapist, library, cinema, pubs and bottle shop. Port Augusta has two large supermarkets, chemist, butchers, department store, theatre, restaurants, pubs and bottle shops.

Post office

There is an Australia Post Office located in Woomera, with limited range of services and a couple of computer/internet terminals for hire.


There is a medical centre in Woomera that is staffed by a nurse five days a week and the Doctor visits twice a week. The closest 24-hour medical facility is in Roxby Downs (76km away).

Veterinary care

The closest veterinary practice is located in Port Augusta. There are two visiting vet services to Roxby Downs that visit either monthly or fortnightly.


Given the long distances to drive for fresh groceries, car servicing, dental and other services there is a need for a good reliable car and it is important to always drive to conditions. With an abundance of wildlife a four wheel drive with a bull bar is advantageous. When it rains unsealed roads can become difficult to navigate and turn to mud.

There is no mechanic in Woomera. Vehicle repairs, servicing and tyre replacement are only available in Roxby Downs or Port Augusta.

The nearest petrol station is at Pimba located on the Stuart Highway approximately five minutes from Woomera. There is no bus service to Roxby Downs or Port Augusta. There is a daily bus service from Pimba to Adelaide.

There is a passenger transport air service into Olympic Dam/Roxby Downs.

Living in Woomera

Getting started

The following resources and websites can give you a good grounding in local information and services available.

Things to do

There are a number of options for eating out in Woomera, including café, roadhouse, hotel and sports clubs.

There are a number of sporting facilities including two football ovals, a gymnasium, outdoor basketball courts, golf club, shooting club, darts club, indoor squash centre and outdoor swimming pool (open seasonally).

Woomera Community Library has wide range of books, movies, online magazines, ebooks and online software training.

Scouts is available in Roxby Downs and the local remote control airplane club also caters for other hobbies including scale modelling.

Four wheel driving is popular with personnel travelling to the Flinders Ranges or local area for camping.

There is the opportunity for sport shooting within the region.

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