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Defence Member and Family Support

For ADF members and their families

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FSFP grant recipients

Financial year 2021-22 grant recipients

Grantee Name

Purpose of the grant

3Bridges Community Limited

3Bridges Community Limited provide services which address the isolation, stress and lack of family support networks that Defence families experience due to the gap in community support services in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney through the Early Years Support Service (EYSS). The service will support families suffering from issues such as postnatal depression, anxiety, ill health, disability, multiple births, premature births and partners who work far from home or who serve in the ADF.

Interested Defence families will have the opportunity to volunteer and additional opportunities to engage with the community through groups such as playgroup, craft, Tai Chi, children’s services, walking groups, computer courses and counselling.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Amberley Defence Families Inc.

(Amberley Community Connect)

Amberley Community Connect enriches the often challenging lives of Defence families by providing a safe meeting place for the dissemination of information, formal support and the making of friendships and connections.

This is achieved through the continuation of support and services currently offered and by building on these services to reach more families, offering new sessions which the local Defence community has shown a need for such as tailored social activities and health and wellbeing activities and courses.

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Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation

Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation provide support to young people from Defence families experiencing mental illness with the aim of empowering them to build resilience, lifelong knowledge and abilities, so they can reach their potential.

The project offers serving Defence families in the Canberra and Shoalhaven regions with evidence-based, age appropriate prevention and early intervention mental health services, embedded within a peer-based social and activity based format.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Australian Military Wives Choir

The Australian Military Wives Choir welcome all women with a connection to a currently serving Australian Defence Force member or a foreign defence force member stationed in Australia, including wives, partners, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters and female ADF members.

Choirs rehearse in numerous locations around Australia, offering a no audition policy to ensure membership is open. These choirs aim to meet once a fortnight for rehearsals which include musical education and social interaction, all underpinned by the natural joy that comes from singing. The group is aiming to establish a new choir group in Newcastle and HMAS Cerberus during the financial year.

Contact: website | Facebook

Bandiana Neighbourhood House

Bandiana Neighbourhood House provides a safe place for Defence families to connect and come together with the wider community to access a variety of programs and activities that create a sense of belonging. The group provides opportunities for Defence families to engage with their local community centre, facilitate learning opportunities, promote personal growth, wellbeing, and provide a safe place to form new friendships and networks to help them manage the demands of military life.

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Cairns Defence Community Support Group Inc.

Cairns Defence Community Support Group Inc offer a range of activities, events and opportunities to support a stronger community, stronger families and stronger friendships to help alleviate social isolation for Defence families posted to the Cairns region.

These opportunities allow the Defence community to come together and to provide opportunities for the community to connect as a group, engage in activities, source services and find out what the local area has to offer.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Cerberus Cottage Family & Friends Inc.

(Cerberus Community Hub)

Cerberus Community Hub offer the “connection and belonging” project which aims to reinvigorate existing supports and implement new activities and programs to provide Defence families with a direct and inclusive way of building stronger connections to the Cerberus community and enduring friendships and networks of support.

The project will aim to meet the ever-changing and diverse needs of Defence families through a comprehensive program of supports to meet the breadth of diversity and specific needs of the local Defence community, creating a culture of openness, engagement and targeted supports.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Charity Bounce Limited

Charity Bounce Limited aim to provide significant opportunities for Defence families through activities including community basketball events and clinics, outreach opportunities, and opportunities to attend ticketed Sydney Kings/Flames home games.

Participants will be able to build connection with other families, gain new skills and receive active sports benefits, be inspired through professional athlete role models and have the opportunity to attend live sports events with other Defence families. Participants will also be able to participate in resilience building activities, increase motivation through participation, integrate into the community and learn health and wellbeing principles.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Defence Club PNG

Defence Club PNG, operating in Port Moresby continue to offer a strengthened sense of community to Defence families and an opportunity to come together for mutual support, education and information sharing in this recognised hardship posting locality. The project will focus on community engagement to normalise the coming together for social, recreational and educational activities that would not be possible outside of this funding opportunity.


Defence Richmond Family Centre

Defence Richmond Family Centre offer Defence families the opportunity to come together to nurture friendships, build relationships and be that constant cornerstone to help face the challenges of military family life.

This is achieved through the delivery or regular programs such as playgroup, coffee catch ups, craft and book clubs as well as other special family events and celebrations.  

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Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc.

DSNSG continue to support to Defence families who have a dependent with special needs by providing assistance, information and being an advocate on problems and issues that arise in the day to day living of a special needs family managing the Defence lifestyle. The organisation offers various programs for recognised DSNSG families including information workshops, computer courses, drive safe training and family events.

Contact: | website | Facebook | 1800 037 674

Duntroon Community Centre

Duntroon Community Centre creates 'a place to belong' for Defence families and a sense of community for them during their time in Canberra. The grant supports the delivery of activities including playschool, playgroup, a collaborative workspace, family connections, health and wellbeing and family friendly events.

Contact: | website | Facebook

East Sale Family Group

East Sale Family Group support Defence families by offering them the opportunity to take part in a range of group activities within the local area.

The project aims to facilitate programs and activities designed to make everyone feel welcome and encourage participation allowing families to settle into the area quickly and require little or no previous experience to participate. Activities include open days, family fun days, wellness events, book club, playgroup and online programs.

Contact: | Facebook | Instagram

Gallipoli Barracks Community Centre

Gallipoli Barracks Community Centre supports Defence members and their families by providing a variety of programs and activities to cater for a range of different age groups. As the Defence lifestyle presents unique challenges and opportunities including the impact of frequent postings and deployments, the centre also offers a safe place of good social foundations with a strong sense of community and a support network for those feeling the isolation a posting can bring.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Gungahlin Defence Families Playgroup

Gungahlin Defence Families Playgroup offers a support network and platform for supporting education and developing community connection, through the running of a playgroup. The group also offers wellbeing courses and events.

Contact: gungahlindfp@gmail.comFacebook

Holsworthy Community Group

Holsworthy Community Group connect with the Defence community to minimise the feeling of isolation felt by families which can often lead to mental health and/or relationship breakdowns.

The Holsworthy Community Group provides services and programs which are tailor made to meet the needs of the local Defence community that facilitate interaction and to assist in making connections both personally and professionally in a safe and supportive environment.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Hunter Region Botanic Gardens

Hunter Region Botanic Gardens encourage RAAF families to participate in events at the gardens for the benefits of health and wellbeing in an outdoors setting. Families will benefit through access to garden activities which include sensory experiences, learning about the environment including water saving programs, talks on conservation and biodiversity as well as access to guided tours, volunteering opportunities, attending bush tucker seminars and encountering new experiences. This is for all ages of the Defence community.

Contact: website | Facebook

Kapooka Neighbourhood House

Kapooka Neighbourhood House Inc provide regular programs and special events targeting community engagement, social networking and building resilience and self-esteem for Defence families.

Programs include social connections such as book club and pot luck dinners, one off seasonal events, a community garden, playgroup, health and wellbeing programs such as a kid’s boot camp and sports activities and educational programs such as nutritional cooking classes.

Contact: | Facebook

Karrakatta Community House Inc.

Karrakatta Community House Inc provide a place that supports and embraces the community of the Australia Defence Force promoting friendships and building resilience, through activities and learning. Families living in WA, particularly those with deployed spouses can find the transition to the West very difficult due to the isolation and distance from family, making these services vital.

Contact: | Facebook

Kissingpoint Cottage

Kissingpoint Cottage enriches the often challenging lives of Defence families by providing a safe meeting place for the dissemination of information, formal support and the making of friendships and connections.

This will be achieved through the continuation of support and services currently offered and by building on these services to reach more families, offering new sessions which the local Defence community has shown a need for such as tailored social activities and health and wellbeing activities and courses.

Contact: | Facebook | 02 9874 4052

Larrakeyah Neighbourhood House

Larrakeyah Neighbourhood House offers a safe place for families to interact and support one another, create greater social connections and acknowledge the day to day living challenges of a remote location.

The group offers that extra level of support to families dealing with absence from home due to operational exercises, training, courses or deployment of the serving member.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Little Diggers Community Centre Inc.

Little Diggers Community Centre offers playgroups twice a week, bellies and bubs once a week for expecting mothers, wellbeing and educational programs for adults and social events throughout the year to Defence families posted to the Cairns region.

Contact: |website

Marilla Community Centre

Marilla House Community Centre offer opportunities to help bridge the gap between Defence families and the local community by helping families integrate more easily into their new surrounds by giving them opportunities to create meaningful community connections through relevant services such as education and community groups as well as weekend activities, and school holiday events delivered by qualified and motivated staff and a motivated group of volunteers.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Network Tindal

Network Tindal Incorporated provides a strengthened sense of community for Defence families and opportunities to come together for mutual support, education, social engagement and information sharing.

The group provides social networks and community connections that support people’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing to help manage the isolation often felt by Defence families posted to this region.

Contact: | Facebook

North East Defence Community

North East Defence Community provide Defence families in Adelaide an opportunity to create social networks within their community due to the unique challenges of Defence life. The grant supports weekly activities including bump to baby, playgroup, book club, youth gaming club, family activities and training courses.

Contact: | Facebook

Pearce Community Group

Pearce Community Croup Inc creates a sense of community and support network for families posted to RAAF Base Pearce by providing opportunities to connect through regular activities such as social connection activities, health classes and family events.

The project also supports families to connect with local services and provides families with current information about available Defence support networks.

Contact: | Facebook

Pilbara Regiment Family Group

Pilbara Regiment Family Group offers activities and a support network or families to thrive in the challenging and harsh environment in this remote locality. Through regular programs and activities the group aims to continue to reduce social isolation and increase connectedness, strengthen family and community functioning, promote community engagement and participation and support the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of Defence families.

Contact: | Facebook

Puckapunyal & District Neighbourhood Centre

Puckapunyal and District Neighbourhood Centre Inc provide support services to Defence families which aim to increase engagement, emotional support and provide personal and professional development for participants as well as to networking and friendship building opportunities. This will be achieved through the continued delivery of programs and activities. The centre also aims to improve the experience for Defence members and families and make their time in the community a positive one.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Randwick Family Centre


Randwick Family Centre offer a safe place for families and serving members of all ages to come and connect with like-minded people. The funding supports weekly playgroup costs as well as the expansion of services including Friday drop-ins, fitness sessions, after school activities, book club and wellbeing and family events.

Contact: | Facebook

Reeling Veterans Inc.

Reeling Veterans Inc provide family fishing trips as a form of therapy for current serving veterans and help build reconnections with their children promoting strong families.

Over the course of the day, Defence families are taken through a series of lessons including fishing safety, rules and regulations, conservation of fish habits, casting techniques, retrieval and fish handling.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Robertson Barracks Family Group Inc.

Robertson Barracks Family Group Inc enriches the often challenging lives of Defence families by providing a safe meeting place for the dissemination of information, formal support and the making of friendships and connections.

This is achieved through the continuation of support and services currently offered and by building on these services to reach more families, offering new sessions which the local Defence community has shown a need for such as tailored social activities and health and wellbeing activities and courses

Contact: | Facebook

Rock Impact Incorporated

Rock Impact Incorporated aim to deliver a ‘Strengths Fathers Program’ for male ADF members in the Cairn’s region. The programs aims to increase awareness of the impact that fathers have on their children and to build on relationship strengths with their children, improve parenting skills as well as provide supported referrals to other services and information.

Contact: | website

Shoalhaven Defence Families Association Incorporated

Shoalhaven Defence Families Association provide a consistent hub with services and support to promote networking, personal growth and learning opportunities to Defence families posted to the area. The grant supports the facilitation of regular activities, replenishment of resources and equipment and other costs associated with the delivery of services.

Contact:  | website | Facebook

Simpson Barracks Community Centre

Simpson Barracks Community Centre provide Defence families with support programs to address social isolation and promote a sense of belonging and community connectedness. The project will be delivered through providing Defence families opportunities for learning and promoting personal growth through programs such as first aid, mental health first aid and wellbeing workshops. The project also aims to assist families that are new to Defence life by creating lasting friendships and support networks enabling them to establish a solid foundation

Contact: | website | Facebook

Singleton Defence Families & Community Inc.

Singleton Defence, Families and Community Inc deliver programs and activities to address the challenges experienced by Defence families in their unique posting location, such as it being a regional location, housing limitations, decreased spouse employment opportunities, high proportion of family absence, and the demographics and demands of the Defence workforce.

The programs and activities offered address these challenges by increasing the variety, frequency, flexibility and availability of support opportunities accessible.

Contact: | Facebook

Solid Rock Defence Ministry Australia Inc.

Solid Rock delivers dignity and value to every female partner of serving Defence personnel. This is achieved by providing small group support and encouragement at various locations around Australia to offer community, stability, pastoral care and practical support to Defence female spouses and families. The grant supports family and community events, playgroup, craft group, and health and wellbeing activities.

Contact: | website | Facebook  

Special Air Service Regiment Auxiliary

Special Air Services Regiment Auxiliary Incorporated engage SASR families in a positive and supportive environment that facilitates integration and develops resilience required for a military lifestyle. The project will offer family networking opportunities and programs to support the wellness and resilience the Defence community, thereby supporting ADF capability.

Contact: | website

The Family Co.

Formerly known as Sutherland Shire Family Services

The Family Co. continue to deliver the Defence Family Support program which provides specialised casework, parenting programs, youth and family caseworker services, aboriginal support programs, and domestic violence support services. Referrals for the service will continue to be identified through social work pathways within Holsworthy Barracks and Defence services. Families will have access to a coffee group, playgroups, therapeutic services, occasional childcare and youth services.

Contact: Website | 02 9528 2933 | Facebook

(RAAF, Army, Navy Community House)

The RAAF Army Navy Community House Inc (the RANCH) provide opportunities and a safe place for Defence members and their families. As a tri service community group, the RANCH offers a range of support and activities for the entire Defence community of Wagga Wagga to come together for mutual support and friendship, education, connection with the community they live in and support for their personal and social wellbeing.

Contact: | Facebook

The Top Ender Tri Service Magazine Inc.

The Top Ender Tri-Services Magazine Incorporated publishes a bi-monthly magazine to provide Defence families an essential resource to find services, keep them informed on local matters and link families into Defence and wider community events, activities and programs for social networks and connectedness. The organisation wants to increase their engagement by forming partnerships with like-minded groups providing social connection and wellbeing courses.

Contact: | website | Facebook

Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association Inc.

Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association provides a community centre where Defence families located around the Milne Pine Training Depot can come together for support and to form friendships.

The group’s mission is to minimise the social and cultural isolation for Defence families in their area and offer regular programs and activities in direct response to the need of the local Toowoomba Defence families to ensure their social and emotional wellbeing is maintained.

Contact: | Facebook

TRACTION for Young People Ltd

TRACTION for Young People Ltd engage 12-15 year old Defence students who are not achieving their potential in a traditional school environment and who are feeling the impacts of managing the Defence way of life. This mobile outreach program will be offered through one day condensed programs as well as the full nine week programs.

Participants will dissemble, strip back and rebuild new BMX bikes under the guidance of trained mentors providing positive role modelling to help develop confidence and build respectful relationships with others in different social settings.

Contact: website | Facebook

Williamtown Defence Family Group Inc.

Williamtown Defence Family Group Incorporated provide support to Defence families through regular programs and activities such as social events and activities to decrease loneliness and isolation as well as through running wellbeing workshops to reduce the challenges associated with a mobile military life. The organisation also provides welcome bags for families to reduce the stress of moving to a new area.

Contact: | Facebook

Williamtown Playgroup

Williamtown Playgroup offers a social network for Defence spouses with children aged 0-5 years old to come together for playgroup and reduce isolation for those families. The grant supports the coordination of playgroup, excursions and first aid courses.

Contact: | Facebook

Woodside Defence Families Association

Woodside Defence Families Association enrich the often challenging lives of Defence families by providing a safe meeting place for the dissemination of information, formal support and the making of friendships and connections.

This is achieved through the continuation of support and services currently offered and by building on these services to reach more families, offering new sessions which the local Defence community has shown a need for such as tailored social activities and health and wellbeing activities and courses.

Contact: | Facebook

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