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Defence Infrastructure Division

Air 6000 Phase 2A/B - New Air Combat Capability Facilities Project

RAAF Base Tindal Works

The proposed works at RAAF Base Tindal will include an F-35A Operational Precinct, upgrades to the on-base warehouse, minor pavement upgrades, counter measure storage and preparation facilities, engineering infrastructure and replacement of displaced elements.

Air 6000 RAAF Base Tindal Works

F-35A Operational Precinct. The proposed F-35A Operational Precinct will provide a secure precinct which will be the basis of F-35A operations for both No. 75 Squadron and visiting Australian squadrons at RAAF Base Tindal. The F-35A Operational Precinct includes the following facilities:

  1. 75 Squadron Headquarters Facility. The headquarters facility will allow No. 75 Squadron to exercise effective command and control of F-35A operations and to prepare for exercises and deployments. The proposed facility is consistent in layout and functionality to the squadron headquarters being constructed at RAAF Base Williamtown.
  2. Off-Aircraft Maintenance Facility. Off-aircraft maintenance for No. 75 Squadron will be conducted across a number of buildings utilising both new build and adaptive reuse.
  3. Detached Training Facility. The proposed detached training facility will provide facilities and training infrastructure to support continuation training for No. 75 Squadron personnel. It includes administration areas, classrooms, full mission simulators and a deployable mission rehearsal trainer.
  4. Parking Apron. The proposed consolidated parking apron will provide a secure area for aircraft to be parked when not flying and where minor maintenance tasks may be conducted.
  5. Manual Aircraft Wash and Engine Wash. A manual aircraft wash and engine wash facility is proposed to be provided adjacent to the existing No. 75 Squadron apron, providing access to both No. 75 Squadron and visiting squadron aircraft.

Base Warehouse. The existing base warehouse is proposed to be fitted out to meet the functional and security requirements for the F-35A logistics system

Pavement Upgrades. Aircraft hold points on the taxiways, Ordnance Loading Aprons, and the runway thresholds are proposed to be upgraded to rigid pavement to prevent deterioration due to the F-35A’s heat output and tyre pressure

Counter Measure Storage and Preparation. New facilities are proposed to be constructed in the vicinity of the existing explosive ordnance storage area for the storage and preparation of counter measures.

Transit Accommodation. Defence anticipates that much of the construction workforce will come from outside the Katherine area. Accordingly, as an efficiency measure and to minimise the impact of the project on the availability of housing in the area, Defence proposes to develop a construction accommodation facility for the workforce. Long term benefits will be realised by resolving the existing shortfall of transit accommodation on base by refurbishing and retaining the construction accommodation once construction is complete.

Engineering Infrastructure. Site engineering infrastructure is proposed to be upgraded to support the facilities being delivered as part of the proposed works and to comply with modern statutory requirements.