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Defence Infrastructure Division

Defence Estate Disposals

Welcome to the Defence Estate Disposals Website

This page contains information about properties that Defence has approval to divest. You can find information about each property that is being disposed of in the left hand menu.

How does Defence decide to sell a property?

Defence regularly reviews the estate to ensure current and future Defence capability requirements are met. Once a property is confirmed as surplus, Defence obtains Australian Government approval to dispose of the property. Once approved, Defence liaises with other Commonwealth departments and agencies to ensure there is no alternative efficient Commonwealth use for the property.

High Capability Field Vehicle

How does Defence sell property?

Surplus property is disposed of in accordance with the Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy and Lands Acquisition Act 1989.

The general policy is to sell property on the open market at full market value. When selling property on the open market, Defence engages a real estate agent to market and sell the property in the usual commercial way. The Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy also allows for off market sales direct to local, state or territory governments in certain circumstances. All sale proceeds are reinvested in support of the Australian Defence Force.

The Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy is on the Department of Finance website.

View the Lands Acquisition Act 1989.

How does Defence manage the environmental requirements of the property?

In preparation to make a property available for market, Defence completes due diligence activities in accordance with the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Due diligence activities include heritage, flora, fauna, biodiversity and contamination matters, if found on the property. The information produced from due diligence activities is provided to potential owners.

View the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

I’m interested in buying Defence land, How can I?

Any person or company who is eligible to purchase property in Australia can buy the property. Defence conducts a competitive transparent sale process, including tender, auction or private treaty. Defence is unable to accept unsolicited offers outside of a competitive sale process. Defence will list the marketing agent appointed to sell each property on the website. This marketing agent can be contacted directly for further information and inquiries.

Defence may negotiate with local, state or Commonwealth governments to divest the site in accordance with the Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy in an off-market sale. Off-market sales require the approval from the Commonwealth Minister for Finance.

The property I’m interested in is not listed?

Only properties that have been approved for divestment are listed on this website. 

Not all properties have a fact sheet, as some properties are sold direct to council or state governments to support local infrastructure, such as road corridors, or power or water easements.

I am a service provider related to the real estate industry and would like to work with Defence. How do I engage Defence?

Defence engages service providers to assist with the sale of property by a variety of means consistent with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. This includes procurements through panel arrangements for some services and approaches to the open market for other services. Defence might also conduct limited tenders in the appropriate circumstances.

Details about existing panel arrangements are available via the Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS).

When approaching the open market for services, tenders will be conducted using AusTender and are generally not advertised in the media. AusTender is the Australian Government's tool for publishing and reporting information on business opportunities. Businesses that are interested in contracting Defence work should register on AusTender under the appropriate category to receive notifications of Commonwealth tenders. For example, marketing agents should use the category code 80131600.

How do I contact Defence if I have further questions?

You can contact the Defence Estate Disposals Team at:

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