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Defence Infrastructure Division

Introduction to Infrastructure Division (ID)

Infrastructure Division is part of the Estate & Infrstructure Group which manages the development, maintenance and disposal of the Defence Estate in support of capability.  To put this into context, we provide facilities and infrastructure in support of the activities of over 90,000 people across all states and territories in Australia.  We own approximately 394 properties (including 72 major bases), 25,000 assets and have stewardship over three million hectares of land embracing five world heritage areas.

With a gross replacement value of around $64 billion, Defence’s estate and infrastructure is one of the largest real estate portfolios in Australia. Additionally, another 530 properties are leased with an annual bill in the order of $175 million.

The nature of the Defence estate is as varied as its size and breadth across Australia. It consists of training areas (often rich in biodiversity values), command headquarters, airfields, ship repair and wharfing facilities, living accommodation, multi-user depots, warehouses and explosive ordnance storehouses, and training, education, research and testing facilities, as well as office buildings.

Infrastructure Division comprises four Branches - Estate Planning, Environment & Engineering, Capital Facilities Infrastructure and Property Management.

To manage the Defence Estate, Infrastructure Division reviews and develops facilities and sites, sometimes planning out to thirty years, as well as engaging in the construction of projects, with a total annual value of about $1 billion. Examples of projects managed within the Division include the construction of facilities for the Enhanced Land Force in various locations across Australia; facilities for the Hardened and Networked Army in Edinburgh, SA and Darwin, NT; and the redevelopments of RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA; Robertson Barracks, NT and RAAF Base Amberley in QLD.

Infrastructure Division also creates heritage and environment policy for all Defence properties across Australia and for Australian forces operating overseas.  Moreover, property acquisitions, leasing and disposal, as well as estate related native title and offshore mining and petroleum exploration management all fall within Infrastructure Division.

With a motivated, dynamic and team oriented workforce of more than 300 personnel, coupled with the diverse range of activities undertaken within the Division, it is attractive to professionals with backgrounds as diverse as law, engineering, finance,  architecture, environmental science, land planning, project management and liberal arts.