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Defence Infrastructure Division

HMAS Cerberus Redevelopment

The Need

HMAS Cerberus has operated for almost 100 years, the last major upgrade works occurred in the 1980s and 1990s, however Cerberus has had limited funding for new and upgraded facilities and infrastructure since that time.

In 2013, an engineering assessment on the condition, capacity and compliance of the facilities and infrastructure at Cerberus identified a number very high and high risks. In particular, the in-ground services were found to be in poor condition or were under-capacity.  In addition, many of the existing training, support and living-in accommodation facilities are in poor condition, do not meet contemporary working, training or living standards or are not fit for their current purpose.  These problems are particularly evident in heritage-listed facilities on site.

The works proposed to be delivered as part of the Cerberus Redevelopment project will upgrade and refurbish existing critical shortcomings in the establishment’s engineering infrastructure and key training and support facilities by addressing capacity, condition, compliance and functional deficiencies.