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Defence Infrastructure Division

HMAS Cerberus Redevelopment

Welcome to the public website for HMAS Cerberus Redevelopment. Defence has established this web page to provide information to members of the public about the proposal. The information contained within this web page is intended to complement the information provided to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Public Works (PWC). For more information on the PWC or to access a copy of the Stage One Statement of Evidence, please refer to

Project Overview

The Royal Australian Navy has operated at HMAS Cerberus since 1920.  

Located 75 kilometres from Melbourne, the site occupies over 1,500 hectares near Crib Point on Hanns Inlet, Western Port Bay in Victoria, as shown in the Figure below.

HMAS Cerberus is the Royal Australian Navy’s principle training establishment for naval personnel. The base includes training and recreational facilities, office and living-in accommodation, two chapels and a small marina. While HMAS Cerberus is primarily focused on Navy recruits, it also caters for Australian Defence Force personnel.

Approximately 980 uniformed, Defence, civilian and contracted staff work on the Cerberus base. In addition, there are approximately 6,000 training places per year across 300 courses, ranging in duration from one week to one year, and an average of 1,100 trainees at any one time throughout the year.

Aerial view of HMAS Cerberus

The Department of Defence is planning a $463.1m upgrade to training, support and accommodation facilities at Cerberus. The proposed redevelopment and upgrades are subject to Parliamentary approval.

Proposed works include:

  • upgrading essential service infrastructure, including water, electrical, sewerage, stormwater, ICT and gas services
  • constructing a new Logistics Precinct
  • constructing a new School of Survivability and Ship Safety
  • constructing a new Survival at Sea training facility
  • refurbishing existing living-in accommodation
  • refurbishing the Wardroom galley and replacing the Junior Sailors' galley
  • refurbishing Engineering Training Faculty's facilities, construction of a new Electronic Technician / Training and new Marine Technician training buildings
  • upgrading Maritime Logistics Schools and the Personnel Support program's facilities
  • upgrading the Australian Defence Force Physical Training School, Fitness Facilities and Running Track and the Australian Defence Force Catering building
  • demolishing dilapidated and redundant buildings

The redevelopment is proposed to take place in two phases. Phase One is expected to commence later this year and be completed by mid 2020 and Phase Two will run from mid 2022 to mid 2025.