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Defence Infrastructure Division

Air 7000 Phase 2B - Maritime Patrol Aircraft Replacement Project

RAAF Base Edinburgh Works

92 Wing facility. The proposed 92 Wing facility will provide a Hangar Maintenance and Operational Facility and an Operational Conversion Facility in a secure environment to support P-8A Poseidon operations. The proposed 92 Wing facility includes the following:

  1. Hangar Maintenance and Operational Facility. The proposed Hangar Maintenance and Operational Facility includes two hangars in which aircraft operational level maintenance will be undertaken. Collocated with the hangars are the working accommodation for the squadrons, aircrew and maintenance crews.
  2. Operational Conversion Facility (OCF). The proposed OCF will provide aircrew and maintenance crew training facilities. Training facilities will include pilot training devices, crew training devices, general learning areas and classrooms, and contractor support facilities. The OCF will also house 92 Wing headquarters as a collocated facility, including office accommodation and briefing rooms, which will service both operational and training squadrons.
  3. Airfield works. The proposed works include the following:
    • Runway extension. The proposed runway extension will extend the take off distance to 2676 metres (8780ft) to the north and 2850 metres (9350ft) to the south, to ensure sufficient runway is available to allow the P-8A Poseidon to take-off at maximum-all-up-weight at ambient temperature up to 34°C.
    • Taxiways and runway thresholds. Both the runway thresholds and the taxiways will require an overlay for strengthening due to the higher loading of the P-8A Poseidon.
    • High Intensity Approach Lighting. It is proposed to install High Intensity Approach Lighting (HIAL) and an upgraded Instrument Landing System (ILS) at the northern end of the runway.
    • Apron. The apron pavement will require a full reconstruction to a rigid pavement in order to provide the pavement strength required to support the P-8A Poseidon. A new fuel hydrant line is proposed to be incorporated into the apron works to service six of the new aircraft parking positions.
    • Aircraft rinse facility.  A new aircraft rinse facility sized to suit the P-8A is proposed to be constructed to provide regular rinsing of the aircraft to reduce the build up of airborne contaminants arising from low flying operations.
  4. Engineering infrastructure. Site engineering infrastructure is proposed to be upgraded to support the facilities being delivered as part of the proposed works and to comply with statutory requirements.
  5. Carparking. Roads and a centralised car park have been designed to meet future 92 Wing workforce requirements.
  6. Other facilities. The following existing facilities are impacted by the proposed works:
    • Penfield Road is an existing unsealed public road, adjacent the northern end of the runway.  As a result of the proposed runway extension, works to Penfield Road will be required for safety reasons, such as aircraft jet blast.
    • A new Liquid Dry Breathing Oxygen facility is proposed to be constructed on the western side of Fisher Boulevard.
  7. Minor works There are minor works required (such as temporary installation of the Tactical Operations Centre) to support initial P-8A operations at RAAF Base Edinburgh until completion of the new facilities.