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Defence Infrastructure Division

Air 7000 Phase 2B - Maritime Patrol Aircraft Replacement Project

RAAF Base Darwin Works

92 Wing facility. The proposed 92 Wing facility in Darwin will provide a Hangar Maintenance and Operational Facility which houses the aircrew and maintenance teams in a secure environment to support P-8A Poseidon operations, and will include the following:

  1. Hangar Maintenance and Operational facility. The Hangar Maintenance and Operational Facility will provide a hangar in which aircraft maintenance will be undertaken. Collocated with the hangar will be working accommodation for aircrew and maintenance crews.
  2. Airfield works. The proposed works include the following:
    • Aircraft rinse facility. An aircraft rinse facility will be constructed to facilitate regular rinsing of the aircraft to reduce the build up of airborne contaminants arising from low flying operations.
    • Parking apron. The proposed four parking positions will be achieved by upgrading an existing light duty apron to accommodate four P-8A Poseidon aircraft. A small replacement light duty apron is proposed to be constructed to accommodate jet fighter parking capacity that will be displaced by the P-8A apron.
    • Fuel Hydrant Line. The existing fuel hydrant line is proposed to be extended to provide hydrant points servicing the four new aircraft parking positions.
  3. Engineering infrastructure. Site engineering infrastructure is proposed to be upgraded to support the facilities being delivered as part of the works and to comply with statutory requirements. Stormwater works will interface with drainage works undertaken under the separate Darwin Flood Remediation project.