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The Last Post

The Last Post is one of a number of bugle calls in military tradition which mark the phases of the day.

Where Reveille signalled the start of a soldier's day, the Last Post signalled its end.

Historically, the Last Post was sounded when the duty officer started his evening rounds to check that the sentry posts were manned and to send off-duty soldiers off to bed. The duty officer would be accompanied by one or more musicians.

As the party proceeded from post to post, a drum was played, telling off-duty soldiers that it was time to rest.

When they had completed their rounds and reached the last post, another bugle call, the Last Post, was sounded to signal that the night sentries were alert at their posts and gave one last warning to any soldiers still at large that it was time to retire for the evening.

The Last Post is played at military funerals and commemorative services as a final farewell and symbolises that the duty of the dead is over and that they can rest in peace.