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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Estate Emergency Response Management

Estate Upkeep Emergency Event Delegation

Estate and Land Management - Product Director

For other Defence Emergency Management & Incident Response topics. (Internal users only)


The Director Estate and Land Management (DELM) is the Product Director (PD) responsible for the Estate Upkeep (EU) services delivered through the Estate Maintenance Operations Services (EMOS) contract. As such DELM is responsible for business as usual engagement and management of the service, including the consideration and approval of EMOS reimbursable claims for EU works.

There will be times where events or failures of equipment will require urgent assessment, action and close oversight or coordination at the event. In these cases, it is ineffective and creates an unnecessary bottleneck for DELM to be the sole decision maker for works to make the situation stable or safe.

Therefore, the Director General Estate Service Delivery has confirmed the following delegations and process for the conduct of EU works in response to emergency events.


The following process outlines the scope, delegations and processes for how the EMOS and Zone respond to EU emergencies. The process also provides guidance on the associated reporting requirements post emergency.


The scope of this delegation of authority is limited to the work or actions required to make an emergency event safe and to stabilise the situation to limit or cease further damage to assets.

The scope of the delegation does not include approvals to undertake follow on remediation or repair work to restore an asset or service where that outcome is not achieved in the initial response to the event. Follow up remediation or repair work will be considered in accordance with the extant Estate business process.


Emergency Events. For the purposes of this directive, an emergency event can be considered as any event that causes a hazard, damage or interruption to facilities, utilities or services that has a major impact on a critical asset or system, safety, Defence and base capability, the community, reputation, security or the environment.

For example:

  • Destructive Natural Events - cyclones, storms, floods and fires.
  • Asset and Infrastructure Failures - reticulated services, system or infrastructure failures, emergency power systems, facility integrity.
  • Accidents or Operation - impact damage, spills, contamination or incorrect operation of an asset.
  • Unforeseen Support Requirements - ADF operations, exercises, Defence Assistance to the Civil Community or Defence Aid to the Civil Power activities or security issues.

Make Safe or Stabilise. For the purposes of this directive, the term 'make safe' or 'stabilise' covers the immediate response work required to make safe and stabilise damage as a result of an emergency event.

This work includes:

  • Undertaking urgent immediate repairs or activities.
  • Securing damage for asset protection, safety or security reasons.
  • Clean up to minimise further damage, limit ongoing exposure or if within the cost limits of delegations enable an asset or capability to resume operation.
  • Provision of temporary services and equipment, such as generators and temporary fencing.

Business Hours. For the purposes of this process, business hours are considered to be between 0730 - 1730 weekdays. All other times are considered out of hours.

Scope and Delegated Authority

The following positions are delegated the authority to approve EU expenditure and direct works to make safe or stabilise in response to an emergency event:

  • Zone Executive - Zone Leader (ZL), Directors Service Delivery (DSD) and Base Manager (BM).
  • Nominated Estate Maintenance and Operations Support Contractor Representative (EMOS).

Delegations are position based therefore they transfer to a person appointed to the role or acting in.

Duration of Delegated Authority. The authority will be granted for the duration of the event and the time it takes to make safe or stabilise the impacts of the event. It does not extend to post event remediation or repair work. Post event work is to be undertaken and processed in accordance with business as usual processes, directives and guidance.

Financial Limits of Delegated Authority. The emergency event delegation is limited to a total value of $100,000 per site per event. Delegation limits apply to the site or event, not to each work order or activity associated with the event.

In the case of an emergency event affecting multiple bases or sites, for example a bush fire or cyclone affecting a number of bases in a location, the emergency event authority may be exercised to a total of $100,000 for each site affected.

Delegates will be able to approve or engage EU reimbursable works up to the following values:

  • $100,000 - Zone Leader (ZL), EL2 level Directors Service Delivery (DSD) and Base Managers (BM);
  • $100,000 - Estate Maintenance and Operations Support Contractor (EMOS).

Requesting and Exercising the Delegated Authority.

An EMOS contractor or Defence representative who does not have the emergency event delegation must gain a delegated authority's approval before undertaking or directing reimbursable works related to an emergency event.

The preferred method for requesting and issuing authority approval is via email. To enable the delegate to make an informed decision regarding approval a request must outline:

  • The emergency.
  • The location.
  • Its impact and the required work.
  • Where possible the request should include estimated costs and time frames.

Oral Approval. It is understood that time is often critical in the successful management of an emergency event therefore an initial oral approval from a delegated authority is sufficient for the EMOS to commence works.

Any oral approval must be followed up as soon as possible with a written confirmation to the EMOS from the delegated authority.

DELM, the ZL, DSD and BM for the affected site must be copied into emails and provided with any correspondence associated with the exercising of the EU Emergency event Delegation.

Conditions for EMOS exercising Delegated Authority

The EMOS nominated representative may exercise delegated authority to commit to and undertake EU reimbursable work when:

  • During business hours - the EMOS, after reasonable efforts, has not been able to contact DELM or a Defence representative with EU Emergency Event Delegation.
  • Out of Hours - the matter is deemed urgent enough to warrant immediate action.

Post Event Reporting

To enable management of the EU product and associated budgets DELM must be notified as soon as practical by the person who has exercised an EU Emergency Event Delegation.

Advice is to be provided via email to the DELM Claims Mail Box (e& . Advice is to be provided by close of business the first business day after the event. The email is to provide a brief description of the:

  • Emergency Event.
  • Reason for exercising authority.
  • Work approved and progress of that work.
  • Costs or cost estimate of commitment.
  • Further work that may be required.
  • Point of contact for the Delegate.

Additional EMOS Post Event Reporting. Where applicable the EMOS is to submit a Critical System Failure Report as soon as possible.

In accordance with the Estate Upkeep Alternative Proposal Management Process the EMOS is to provide all associated Alternative Proposals (AP) to DELM as soon as possible. Emergency Event related AP must have all Emergency Event approval records, such as Delegate emails, attached prior to submitting.

Example Emergency Event Email notification Formats

The following is the recommended minimum content for emails seeking and providing Delegate Approval.

  • Requests for Approval raised by EMOS or Zone Staff without Delegation:
  • Addressees - EU Emergency Event Delegate.
  • CC'ed Addressees - DELM; ZL, and BM.
  • Subject - Urgent: Emergency Event Works Notification (site) (Event type) (in upper case on the email).
  • Body - Your approval is sought as an EU emergency event delegate to undertake the necessary works outlined below to respond to this emergency event

Detail of the:

  • area affected;
  • emergency;
  • events impact;
  • options if any to address impact;
  • preferred option and the urgent work required to make safe or stabilise the impact;
  • estimated costs and time frames.

EU Emergency Event Delegate Response to Request.

Reply to all addressees of the original Email Request (including CC'ed) providing:

  • Clear advice of Delegates Decision and approved option if options were offered.
  • Any conditions, limitations or further instructions, including:
  • Cost limits;
  • Time frames;
  • Additional reporting;
  • Specific actions to be taken.

Last Modified: October 2021
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DELM