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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Engineering & Maintenance

Building Works

The Building Works section is responsible for development and maintenance of the Building Works Manual (BWM) and associated guidelines and templates. The BWM has been developed to better align with best practice recommendations being made in relation construction industry and was approved as Defence policy by DEPSEC E&IG on 24 August 2020.

In mid-2017, the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) requested Professor Peter Shergold and Ms Bronwyn Weir to undertake an assessment of the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia. In April 2018, Professor Shergold and Ms Weir delivered the Building Confidence report to the BMF. The Building Ministers Forum released a collective response called the Building Confidence Report Implementation Plan in March 2019. At the BMF meeting in July 2019, State, Territory and Commonwealth ministers announced a unanimous decision to establish a national approach to implementation of recommendations made in the Building Confidence Report.

Defence acknowledges the significant contribution from Ms Weir, co-author of the Building Confidence Report and Mr Stephen Wise, Australian Consulting Manager Warringtonfire Australia Pty Ltd.




Defence Policy


Four video presentations about the development and requirements of the Building Works Manual (BWM) are available upon request to

  • Part 1: Overview and introduction
  • Part 2: Building assessment and certification
  • Part 3: Building approval process
  • Part 4: Update on BWM – amendment 1

Upon request, you will be sent a SharePoint link and a verification code from Warringtonfire Australia Pty Ltd.

Once received, you will need to download the zip file to play the presentations.

These videos cannot be viewed on the Defence Protected Network (DPN).

Version Control
Version No: 1.6 | Last Updated: Jan 22
Technical Authority: ASEE | Subject Matter Expert: DEEP