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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

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Environmental Policy

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Defence will be a leader in sustainable environmental management to support the ADF capability to defend Australia and its national interests

The Secretary and Chief of Defence Force have reaffirmed Defence’s commitment to the environment and its important role in Defence activities and in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) capability and the Defence estate through the 2016 Defence Environmental Policy and 2016-2036 Defence Environment Strategy.

They have released a following statement of support for the release of the documents which can be found here.

Defence has five strategic aims to realise the Defence Environmental Vision. These strategic aims will ensure Defence applies appropriate resources and effort toward environmental management, relative to risks and constraints.

Strategic Aim 1: Defence will deliver a sustainable estate across Defence maritime, land and aerospace areas, activities and operations.
Strategic Aim 2: Defence will understand and manage its environmental impacts.
Strategic Aim 3: Defence will minimise future pollution risks and manage existing contamination risks.
Strategic Aim 4: Defence will improve the efficiency of its resource consumption and strengthen resource security.
Strategic Aim 5: Defence will recognise and manage the Defence estate heritage values.

The 2016-2020 Defence Environmental Plan contains the strategic actions will enable delivery of the Strategic Aims and Vision.

Specific environmental policies, information or templates for Groups and Services and Regions and Sites are also available.

To find out more, please contact or the Directorate of Energy Efficiency, Environmental Resource Managagement and Sustainability on 02 6266 8045

Individuals, units or groups who have achieved outstanding outcomes in environment and heritage management may be formally recognised through the Defence Commendation Scheme. Use of the scheme recognises, encourages and promotes excellence in environmental and heritage management in Defence. For more information click here.

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