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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Water Management

Vision: Defence will drive efficiency in water management to maintain capability, reduce costs, and increase water security

In 2014, Defence released an updated Defence Estate Water Policy and Defence Estate Water Strategy (2014-2019). The objectives of the Water Policy are:

Objective 1: Less Water - reduce the water requirement for Defence by maximising water in all aspects of Defence business.

Objective 2: Integrated Water Management - Consider water holistically at a base/precinct level and transition to fit for purpose water supply to provide more sustainable and secure water sources.

Objective 3: Measuring and Monitoring Water - Ensure infrastructure and processes are in place to be able to measure and manage Defence's water comsumption effectively.

The Water Strategy is the implementation tool for the Water Policy. The four broad themes for Water Strategy actions are:

1. Improving the efficiency of existing assets and equipment;
2. Providing efficient new infrastructure and equipment;
3. Using resources from renewable and alternative sources; and
4. Driving water saving behaviour.


To find out more or to share water saving ideas, contact the your local Regional Energy and Sustainability Officer or Director of Energy Efficiency, Environmental Resource Management and Sustainability (DEEERMS),

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