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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management System (EMS)

The Defence Environmental Management System (EMS) is to undertake the actions identified through the planning process. The majority of environmental management actions and controls will be implemented at the operational and tactical levels (e.g. fuel reduction burns, baiting of pests, operational controls for training activities); however, the EMS acknowledges the potential for management actions to be implemented at the strategic level. This component of the EMS includes the following elements:

  • roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for implementation of management actions;
  • implementation of operational controls for Defence activities;
  • delivery of communication, training and awareness exercises to ensure that personnel are aware of environmental management actions for which they are responsible, and have the appropriate skillsets to carry these out; and
  • emergency preparedness and response, including management of environmental incidents
    control of necessary documentation, including records of inductions and training delivered.
Version Control
Version No: 2.1 | Last Updated: Jan 20 | Next Review: Jul 20
Technical Authority: ASEE
Subject Matter Expert: DEEERMS