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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Commendations for Outstanding Environmental Contribution Guidelines

Individuals, units or groups who have achieved outstanding outcomes in environment and heritage management in Defence in the course of our mission to defend Australia and its national interests may be formally recognised through the Defence Commendation Scheme (the Scheme).

Recognition of environmental performance or achievement through the Scheme is undertaken in accordance with the Scheme’s Policy and Administration Guidelines (see Chapter 39, DHAM Vol. 1). All Defence Service personnel, APS, foreign exchange, contractors and consultants are eligible for an environmental commendation through the Scheme. Applications may be submitted by individuals, units or groups for their own achievements or nominating achievements of another.

In the case of nominations being progressed through Estate & Infrastructure Group, the nomination will be assessed by the Assistant Secretary Environment and Engineering Branch.

What constitutes an outstanding environmental contribution in Defence?

Eligibility for a commendation in environment or heritage management will require demonstration of outstanding environmental performance or achievement, and may include, but is not limited to, one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Establishment of cooperative partnerships (internal and/or external).
  2. Innovation.
  3. Integration of environment and heritage management into day-to-day activities.
  4. Implementation of best-practice environment and heritage management.
  5. Exceptional leadership in environment and heritage management.
  6. Project or initiative resulting in a positive environment or heritage outcome or change in behaviour.

Specific examples may include:

  • Demonstrated water or energy savings.
  • Protection of flora and fauna during training activities.
  • Management of environmental risks during a construction project.
  • Development of a new technology or process which resulted in decreased use of hazardous chemicals.
  • Successful implementation of an Environmental Management System or environmental procedures.

The following general guidance should be followed when nominating for a Defence Support Services environmental commendation through the Scheme.

1. Which commendation do I nominate for?

For the nomination of individuals, outstanding environmental achievement can be recognised through one of the following levels of commendations (ranked in order of importance):

  • Secretary and CDF
  • Defence Support Services:
    • Gold level (superior achievement),
    • Silver level (excellent achievement), and
    • Bronze level (high or noteworthy achievement).

Outstanding environmental achievement for a group, unit or team may be awarded one of the following commendations (ranked in order of importance):

  • Secretary and CDF
  • Defence Support Services (note that there are no additional ‘levels’ to these awards for group, unit or team commendations)

2. Which form do I need to complete?

Nominations need to be submitted using the form AD 112 Nomination for a Defence Commendation. Include as much detail as required, ensuring information provided remains concise but adequately justifies the environmental achievement. Applications will need to include:

  • A description of the project/program/initiative
  • Outline of the role of the unit or person being nominated
  • Information on how the environmental achievement had met one or more of the nominated benchmarks (see above)

Ensure all names are provided in the case of nominations for group, unit or team awards.

3. Where do I send my nomination form?

Nominations for Secretary and CDF, and Service commendations should be submitted through your Chain of Command. The recommended Defence Support Services commendation should be sent to the Assistant Secretary Environment and Engineering at: .

4. How is my nomination assessed?

Secretary and CDF commendations are ultimately approved by the Principal Awarding Authority (ie. DEPSEC Estate & Infrastructure Group).

The recommended Defence Support Services commendation is assessed by the Assistant Secretary Environment & Engineering. The commendation will be awarded by the DEPSEC Estate & Infrastructure Group for Gold level commendations and the First Assistant Secretary – Infrastructure for Silver and Bronze level commendations.

In assessing a nomination, the Awarding Authorities may:

  • Reject a nomination,
  • Accept the nomination, or
  • Refer the nomination for a higher or lower level of commendation.

5. What happens if my nomination is successful?

  • A commendation certificate will be issued,
  • A badge emblem will be awarded for individual commendations (not awarded for group, unit or team commendations), and
  • The commendation is recorded on PMKeys.

6. I need further information

For further information on commendations for outstanding environmental contribution, contact see Chapter 39, DHAM Vol. 1.

Note: While this guidance is for nomination for Defence Support Services commendations, an individual or group may still use Service or Group processes for recognition of outstanding environmental achievement or performance. Refer to Chapter 39, DHAM Vol. 1 for further information.
Recognition through this Scheme streamlines and replaces the former Chief of Defence Force (CDF) and Secretary’s Environment and Heritage Awards.