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Further training

Requirements of DISP membership Levels 1 -3

In order to satisfy the requirements of Levels 1 – 3, your Security Officer will need to attend the Department of Defence’s Security Officer training course.

Participation in this two day course requires prior completion of the following two courses available on the Campus online platform:

  • Security Awareness Training (within the last 12 months); and
  • Basic or Classified Document Handling (within last 12 months)

Both courses are available on the Campus anywhere platform. The Security Awareness Training can also be completed via face-to-face training by your Security Officer.

How to Register

In order to access the Campus Anywhere platform you should speak to your Contract Manager, Security Officer or Project Manager who can arrange a Campus Anywhere account for you. Alternatively, contact 1800 Defence (333 362)

In order to register for the Security Officer course, and enquire about any further Defence hosted courses please email the Learning and Development team:

Security Risk Management Workshop

This one-day workshop has been developed by DS&VS to bridge the gap of knowledge between policy requirements of security risk management and practical application within the Defence context. Using Defence specific terminology, tools and templates, the Security Risk Management Workshop allows those with a security risk management requirement, a contextualised understanding and the ability to begin their own Security Risk Assessment and the resultant management of that plan.

Requirement for Training

Security risk management is conducted for a variety of reasons across Defence, to undertake Base Planning or Resident Unit Security Plans, for capability development and project work, including with defence industry, and for building works or Certification and Accreditation of Facilities. No matter the purpose, Defence has a standardised security risk management process applicable to all Groups and Services. This Workshop aids personnel tasked with conducting security risk management by providing the latest advice and resources that will support informed judgements for the management of security risk in Defence.  

Who should undertake training?

The Workshop is for Control Officers, Control Implementers and Commanders/Managers who will be engaging with security risk in their implementation of DSPF principles, processes and controls. As Security Officers advise and support; it would be beneficial for them to undertake the training as well.  


Course participants must have completed:

  • Mandatory Security Awareness course within the last 12 months; and
  • Classified Document Handling course within the last 12 months.  

Eligibility requirements

Defence personnel participating in a Security Risk Management Workshop must:

  • be Australian citizens; and
  • hold a current security clearance of at least Baseline.

In addition to the requirements stated above, Defence industry personnel must also be:

  • part of a company that is DISP accredited;
  • able to arrange access to Defence establishments.  

Accessing the course

Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) members must nominate via email to with a subject line of "Security Risk Management Workshop request".

For any further information regarding this course, please contact