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Contact Reporting

Your company is responsible for reporting suspicious contact via the XP168 – Report of Security Contact Concern, in accordance with DSPF - Principle 77 Security Incidents and Investigations.

A contact is any suspicious or nefarious activity where an employee communicates with representatives of foreign countries; extremist or subversive groups; criminal groups; or political or issue motivated groups or individuals.

Espionage represents a threat to the security of Defence and defence industry. Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS) personnel are skilled in the exploitation of relationships and aim to recruit people with legitimate access to their target area.

Your employees should report all suspicious contact to your Security Officer.

All DISP Security Officer’s should report through the XP168 form housed on the DOSD - those without access to DOSD should report by emailing the Security Incident Centre.

Security Incident Centre

Phone: 02 6266 3331
After hours: 0416 060 347