GEOINT Capability

The GEOINT Platform

The Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO) works with stakeholders across Defence and government to deliver the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Platform.

The GEOINT Platform refers to a common set of systems and technologies across Defence to improve the collection, production and dissemination of GEOINT.

Collection: AGO works closely with the Australian Space Agency and our international partners to invest in the latest satellite technologies to satisfy a variety of government missions from humanitarian assistance to enhanced military surveillance.

AGO, when performing its role as Australia's national hydrographic authority, collects maritime and other environmental information from a wide array of sources, including members of the public, private companies, academia, foreign governments and Australian local, state and federal government agencies.

Production: AGO is focused on modernising the IT systems that enable the processing, storage and exploitation of geospatial data. We are increasing our investment in technologies that automate the GEOINT workflow, from feature extraction and classification to report generation.

Dissemination: AGO builds and maintains geographic information systems (GIS) for a wide-range of Defence and government customers to ensure geospatial data, imagery and reports reach the multitude of customers across Australia and the international community.

Technology Approach

The approach to deliver these capabilities is built around the key concepts of:

Investing in our people: We are building a workforce with a strong grounding in the business, consisting of public service employees, ADF employees and contractors. Each contributes a unique perspective towards AGO’s delivery of the GEOINT Platform.

Customer focused: AGO pursues solutions guided by customer requirements, with a focus on integration and automation of the GEOINT workflow. This includes employing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to deliver efficiencies to the GEOINT Platform user community.

Industry as a partner: AGO is the systems integrator for the majority of our projects. We are always looking to establish strategic partnerships with Australian industry to build new, and improve existing, technologies and systems that enhance the GEOINT Platform.

Strong security: Security is a critical feature of the GEOINT Platform. It is implemented from the beginning of our design process and is compliant with Defence guidance.

Innovation: Through our partnerships, AGO leverages innovation across Defence, government, academia and industry. In addition, we support innovation through involvement with the Defence Innovation Hub and collaborative projects across the national intelligence community.