About AGO

The Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO) is the lead agency for geospatial data, information and intelligence (GEOINT) for Defence and the National Intelligence Community (NIC). As part of the Defence Intelligence Group (DIG), AGO provides strategic leadership for the Defence GEOINT Community.

GEOINT is a key enabler of Defence’s ability to achieve its objectives: to shape the strategic environment, deter actions against our interests, and respond with credible military force when required. Through the production and delivery of GEOINT, AGO enables safety of navigation, planning and conduct of Defence operations, situational awareness, policy advice, and intelligence insights. AGO is also responsible for the GEOINT Program, which drives capabilities that underpin GEOINT for Defence.


Provide GEOINT for the defence of Australia and its national interests.


Transforming the collection, analysis and dissemination of GEOINT.

By 2025 our GEOINT will go further: to more customers, more places, and in greater detail. It will be available where it’s needed, how it’s needed, and when it’s needed.

Our GEOINT will be collected, analysed, and disseminated faster, from ever increasing sources and in higher volumes, to ensure Australia’s information superiority and situational awareness.

Our GEOINT will be available on fixed and deployed networks to ensure Defence capabilities, platforms and personnel have timely access to authoritative and reliable GEOINT at the point of need.

As the demand for GEOINT continues to grow, we will become more agile and adaptive, invest in new capabilities, solve problems with innovative thinking, and leverage our partnerships to better integrate and realise our vision.


We are a young organisation with a long and proud history. Renamed in 2013, AGO was originally formed in 2000 when the Australian Imagery Organisation, the Defence Topographic Agency and the Directorate of Strategic Military Geographic Information were brought together to form the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation (DIGO).

Since then AGO has incorporated other geospatial functions including: the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) targeting capability, provided by 460 Squadron since 2010; the RAAF’s aeronautical charting function, through the Aeronautical Information Service in 2017; and the hydrographic, oceanographic, meteorology, and charting capabilities of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Hydrography, Meteorology and Oceanography Branch in 2017.

Our story has evolved over the past century with origins that date back to the establishment of the Royal Australian Survey Corps in 1915, the RAN Hydrographic Department established in 1920, and the RAAF’s 460 Squadron first formed in 1941. AGO will continue to evolve as our strategic environment and technology changes.

Our principles and culture

The Defence values of Service, Courage, Respect, Integrity and Excellence are integral to AGO. In addition, there are enduring principles which guide the culture of our organisation, the activities of our teams, and the mindset of our workforce. Key to AGO’s success are our principles of diversity and inclusion, and our culture of collaboration, communication, innovation, and adaptation, which apply to all aspects of AGO’s work.

Diversity and inclusion

AGO values the unique skills, talents and perspectives we draw from people of diverse backgrounds and circumstances. We are dedicated to Defence’s diversity and inclusion principles and initiatives to ensure every individual has a sense of belonging within AGO, and is empowered to bring their true self to work each day to contribute to our shared mission. We achieve this through listening, reflecting, treating each other with respect and compassion, and fostering opportunities for inclusion of different perspectives across all elements of our business. Embracing our differences strengthens our organisational capability.

Collaboration and communication

AGO is a complex and diverse organisation that delivers better outcomes through collaboration and communication. By increasing opportunities for collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams and sharing our experiences, AGO achieves greater results. Clear and consistent communication creates transparency and enables AGO to understand the risks to our work, seize opportunities, and improve our capability.

Innovation and adaptation

Advances in new and emerging technologies present a range of opportunities for AGO to develop and embrace innovative solutions. By creating space for innovation, maintaining a focus on the future, advancing our technological skills, and sharing our experiences, we will continuously adapt and improve the way we do business. Transforming the way we do GEOINT continually strengthens our tradecraft.