Office of the Capability Coordinator for Geospatial Information

The Coordinating Capability Manager for Geospatial Information (CCM-GI) was established to ensure that Defence geospatial information capability supports Defence strategic objectives. The role of a capability manager is to raise, train and sustain capabilities through the coordination of the fundamental inputs to capability (FIC). In addition to FIC, other capability planning considerations include the requirement for, or production of, geospatial information and services (GI&S).

The Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence delegated the daily management of the role of CCM-GI to the Director, Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO), with the role sustained by the Office of the Capability Coordinator - Geospatial Information (OCC-GI).

OCC-GI Responsibilities

  • Lead the development of Defence concepts, policy and doctrine to underpin GI&S as a critical enabler of Defence capability.
  • Provide advice to Defence capability and planning forums to ensure the comprehensive, coordinated and balanced development of GI&S.
  • Provide input to Defence capability development processes in order to ensure the requirement for, and consumption of, GI&S is consistent with good practice.
  • Set the GI&S standards to guide Defence capability to support integration and interoperability of new systems into the broader Defence capability.
  • Facilitate the delivery of data in support of deployed Defence operations.
  • Coordinate the development and monitoring of science and technology and research and development priorities and programs for GI&S.
  • Evaluate the GI&S operational cycle during experiments, exercises and operations to support the objective assessment of GI&S.
  • Establish the governance mechanisms necessary to allow the execution of these responsibilities and accountabilities.

OCC-GI Teams

OCC-GI predominantly operates in two key areas:

  • coordinating with current and future Defence capabilities regarding their geospatial information requirements, sustained by Coordinating Capability Office
  • coordinating with Defence and outside organisations to define and support GI&S standards, sustained by the Defence Geospatial Standards Office.