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Audit and Fraud Control Division

Fraud Control and Investigations Branch

Fraud Control and Investigations Branch (FCIB) is responsible for Defence's fraud control program that covers the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and the recovery of fraudulently acquired money and assets.

The Branch is headed by the Assistant Secretary Fraud Control who has responsibility for the following functions.


Investigation action may include referral of more serious matters to the Australian Federal Police, investigation by Fraud Control and Investigations staff under the criminal law, investigation under the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982 by the Australian Defence Force Service Police organisations or, for lesser matters, resolution through other military or civilian administrative processes for dealing with misconduct.

Defence Public Interest Disclosure Scheme

The Defence Public Interest Disclosure Scheme (Defence PID Scheme) commenced on 15 January 2014 in line with new Commonwealth legislation. Further information can be found at:

From 15 January 2014 no disclosures will be accepted by the Defence Whistleblower Scheme. However, reports made prior to 15 January 2014 will still be managed under DI(G) PERS 45-5 Defence Whistleblower Scheme.

Debt Recovery - Relating to Fraudulent Activities

The Fraud Debt Recovery unit pursues recoveries resulting from fraud against Defence, through civil and administrative means.

Fraud Control Planning

The Defence Fraud Control Planning process describes the legislative and Government policy background on fraud control, and the strategy and methodology on which fraud risk assessments and treatments are based. It sets out the various fraud control strategies Defence applies to protect Commonwealth resources under its control, and concludes with the planning and implementation activities required under the plan.

Data Analysis and Forensics

Provision of forensic support and data mining and analysis to assist auditors and investigators.

Ethics and Fraud Awareness

Developing and continuously enhancing the quality and effectiveness of ethics and fraud awareness training and related products.

Defence Policing and Security Management System

The Defence Policing and Security Management System is an investigation case management application, mandated for use by Defence Investigative Authorities.