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Audit and Fraud Control Division


Dr Tom Clarke heads the Audit & Fraud Control organisation as the Acting First Assistant Secretary Audit (FASAFC) and reports directly to the Secretary Department of Defence. The Division consists of two Branches:

Audit Branch

The principal role of Audit Branch, headed by the Assistant Secretary Audit, is to provide Defence executive management, and the Defence Audit and Risk Committee (DARC), with an objective assessment of the adequacy of processes and procedures employed by management to both identify, and manage risk. In addition, Audit Branch provides assurance to the Secretary, the Chief of Defence Force that the financial and operational controls designed to manage those risks are operating efficiently, effectively and ethically.

Audit Branch facilitates these objectives through reports that are prepared for management at the conclusion of each audit. These reports include recommendations to address controls weaknesses and identify improvement opportunities.

Fraud Control and Investigations Branch

Fraud Control and Investigations Branch, headed by Assistant Secretary Fraud Control, provides assurance and advice to the Secretary of the Department of Defence and the Chief of the Defence Force regarding the execution of their responsibilities.

This is achieved by focusing on promoting ethical use of Commonwealth resources in Defence, and ensuring Defence has an appropriate framework for the effective prevention, detection, investigation and reporting of fraud and the recovery of fraudulently acquired money and assets. This includes investigations into such matters as alleged fraud, serious misconduct, commercial impropriety, corrupt practices and conflicts of interest. The Assistant Secretary Fraud Control also manages the Defence Public Interest Disclosure Scheme and the Defence Policing and Security Management System.