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Australian Defence Force Academy

ADFA Sponsor Family Program

The Australian Defence Force Academy's Trainee Officer Sponsor Family Program is designed to assist midshipmen and officer cadets who are in their first year at the Academy in managing the transition from civilian to military and Academy life. The scheme provides them with a family environment within the Canberra area that would be a 'home away from home' when the need arises.

The scheme also gives members of the wider Defence community an opportunity to participate in the development of future Australian Defence Force leaders. Most of these young adults have not been away from home for extended periods before and benefit enormously from having access to a friendly family environment to visit during their time at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).

In 2022 the Australian Defence Force Academy is again seeking the support of Defence personnel in the Canberra area to open their hearts, homes and refrigerators and sponsor one or more of these dynamic young people. Whether you are single, in a relationship or a family with old or young children, the scheme is open to:

  • current serving Commissioned Officers (and their families)
  • retired or Ex-Service Commissioned Officers (and their families)
  • current or Ex-Service Warrant Officers (and their families)
  • APS personnel (minimum APS5) (and their families)
  • Civilian applicants involved with connections to Defence or Defence industry, academia, business leaders, and prominent members of the local community

There is no defined commitment for the scheme - the nature of the relationship is up to the individuals involved. Previous successful relationship have involved meetings for coffee and meals, regular phone / email contact, involvement in family activities and invitations to attend ADFA events. While Sponsors are encouraged to contact ADFA staff as they deem appropriate, there is no expectation that Sponsor Families will provide feedback to ADFA staff.

POC for the Family Sponsor Scheme is:

LCDR Jocelyn Blowfield (XO ADFA)

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