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Australian Defence Force Journal

Information for authors and book reviewers

The Australian Defence Force Journal is no longer accepting submissions.

To discuss alternative publication options please email:

Scope of articles

The Australian Defence Force Journal seeks articles on a wide range of defence-related issues, ideally with a focus on the ‘profession of arms in Australia’.

Articles will normally only be considered for publication if they have not been published elsewhere. The Journal does not pay for articles but a certificate is awarded for the article judged the best in each issue.



Articles need to be submitted electronically in Word without the use of templates or paragraph numbers. Headings are acceptable (and contributors should view previous issues for style). Length should be 3500 to 5000 words (including endnotes).

Articles should contain endnotes and brief biographical details. A bibliography is not required. However, authors may include a list of suggested ‘additional reading’.

Please use the following style for endnotes:

  • for articles:

Edward D. Mansfield, ‘The concentration of capabilities and the onset of war’, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 36, No. 1, 1992, pp. 3–24.

  • for monographs:

Edward D. Mansfield, The concentration of capabilities, Allen & Unwin: Sydney, 1998.
Tables, maps and photographs are acceptable but must be suitable to reproduce in high resolution.

Articles should be of a scholarly nature and conform to academic attribution requirements

Opinion/commentary pieces

The Journal also accepts opinion and commentary pieces. These should be between 1000-2000 and should be an opinionated and lively engagement with a key topic. While these pieces do not require the same standard of attribution as an article, they must still advance a distinct, clear and factual argument or idea.

When drawing on published material, opinions and commentary must conform to academic standards, but they can also draw more directly on experience related to current issues.

The review process

Once an article is submitted, it will be reviewed by an independent referee. Comments from the reviewer will be passed via the Editor to the author. Once updated, the article will be presented to the Board and, if accepted, published in the Journal.

Authors accept that the Editor may make minor editorial adjustments without reference to the author, although the theme or intent of the article will not be changed.

Guidance for book reviewers

The Australian Defence Force Journal seeks reviewers for a range of military-related books provided to the Editor by publishers both in Australia and overseas. Persons interested in becoming reviewers are invited to contact the Editor.

Normally, books will only be considered for review if they are currently in print and have been published in the previous 12 months.

While no payment is made for reviews, books are retained by the reviewer. Reviews should be around 600-800 words, although ‘review essays’ <2000 words will be considered for particularly influential/important publications.

Book reviews should aim to provide a dispassionate analysis of the author’s central argument and approach, rather than a synopsis or précis.

Reviews should not contain footnotes or endnotes, or photos or maps. They should be submitted electronically in the following format:

[Title & sub-title] Bitter ocean: the dramatic story of the Battle of the North Atlantic 1939–1945
[Author] David Fairbank White
[Publisher, date and number of pages] Headline Press: Sydney, 2015, 344 pages
ISBN: xxx
Price: $x

Reviewed by Lieutenant Charles Smith, Australian Army
Text ….