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Defence Learning Technology Environment (DLTE)

The Defence Learning Technology Environment (DLTE) is the term given to the evolving enterprise ecosystem of learning technologies that is across Defence.  The Defence Learning Technologies (DLT) section of the Defence Education and Training Authority (DELTA) is charged with developing the DLTE.  DLT does this in concert with our partners in CIOG and key stakeholders across Defence’s Groups and Services.

Defence Learning Technology Environment banner image

DLT own the ADELE Learning Management Systems and several other technologies and services within the DLTE.

DLT manage the Defence Learning Technology Working Group (DLTWG), a forum for collaboration and coordination to steer the DLTE’s development.  DLT also lead Defence’s engagement into the Australian university learning technology sector, global working groups with other military learning environments and standards bodies that drive innovation in the field of learning technologies.

DLT strives to deliver modern learning experiences by finding innovative technology solutions and adapting platforms to our unique learning environment. The next generation DLTE is being planned for now.  The aim - to enable the skilling and preparedness of a growing workforce, underpinning Defence capability and modernisation, services and functions.

DLT can be contacted via: