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On behalf of the Australian Defence College, the Centre for Defence Research (CDR) conducts Profession of Arms Seminars throughout the year as part of its Joint Professional Military Education continuum. Seminars are open to interested ADF officers, Defence civilians, inter-agency personnel and selected regional partners and are an opportunity to learn from experts in the profession of arms from Australia and overseas.

Due to the extended lockdown in the ACT the Profession of Arms Seminar ‘Should Australia’s Department of Defence adopt Strategic Net Assessment?’ has been postponed until 2022

Upcoming Profession of Arms Seminars

Should Australia’s Department of Defence adopt Strategic Net Assessment? – ? [Postponed until 2022]

Past Seminars

Civil-Military Relations in Australia: Past, Present and Future - 30 June, 2021

Introduction by Professor Michael Evans, General Sir Francis Hassett Chair of Military Studies, Australian Defence College

Keynote Address - Civil-Military Relations in Australia: A Dual Practitioner’s View.

Mr Duncan Lewis, AO, DSC, CSC, former Secretary of Defence, National Security Adviser and Director-General, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

Panel 1: Theoretical Issues in Civil-Military Relations and Australia’s Approach to the Field.

Panel 2: Perspectives on the Practice of Civil-Military Relations in Australia.

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