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Defence Work
Experience Program

Students celebrate International Women’s Day at RAAF Wagga Base

This year Sarah Markwot, from Sapphire Beach New South Wales, celebrated International Women’s Day participating in a special Air Force Technical Experience for Young Women placement at the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Wagga Base.

An Air Force career runs in Sarah’s family and has been hugely influential in her decision to find out what the Air Force can offer women interested in technical or aviation roles.

"My pop was a Warrant Officer in the Air Force and listening to his stories piqued my interest," Sarah said. "I applied for this work experience to understand what opportunities are available and to experience what life would be like in the Air Force."

The four day residential program, aimed solely at young women, used a diverse range of activities to showcase technical and/or aviation roles.

Students were provided with a comprehensive overview of life in the Air Force, and first-hand exposure through activities including trade simulators, air craft marshalling, observing squadron operations, physical training and leadership and teamwork exercises.