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Defence Work
Experience Program

Career Opportunities

What careers are available in the Australian Public Service (APS)?

The Department of Defence employs more than 20,000 Australian Public Service (APS) employees. Defence APS employees are employed in an array of critical positions Australia wide enabling our three services Navy, Army and Air Force to do their job. Defence APS employees are involved in most facets of Defence from providing the equipment Australian Defence Force personnel use, to making Defence policy by implementing the Government's wishes.

You can expect careers that offer enormous scope for personal and professional development. You will join an open, flexible, and creative environment - one that gives you the freedom to acquire multiple skills, the opportunity to gain experience across a whole range of activities, flexibility to move into new roles and even switch careers altogether as Defence itself evolves to meet new demands and priorities.

It's all about achieving results. It's about responding to continuous change. It's about exceeding your own career expectations and making a real difference to the world you live in.

Graduate Development Program

A career in Defence offers civilian graduates from all disciplines unique and exciting opportunities to work in areas they may not have previously considered.

What types of jobs are available in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)?

There are around 350 jobs to choose from in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) , in just about every field you can think of. The Navy, Army and Air Force have one of the most diverse range of careers in the country. What's more, the ADF pays you to study for your qualifications. Jobs include everything from pilot, medical officer, clerk and cook through to combat systems operator, vehicle mechanic and air traffic controller.

ADF Reserves

ADF Reserves is another great way to enter. This part-time position with full-time excitement offers the opportunity to work alongside regular (full-time) Defence personnel. You can learn great skills and enjoy tax-free pay that won't affect any Austudy or other government allowances. All Reservists enjoy free uniforms and free or subsidised meals and accommodation while training. Flexibility is one of the many advantages of a part-time job with the ADF and there are many roles available. Training and work can be structured so they can fit around your study or work commitments.

Australian Defence Force Academy

If you're interested in a university degree, the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), a campus of the University of New South Wales, offers a range of degrees in Arts, Business, Science, Technology and Engineering. Once you graduate, you could take on one of a number of leadership positions including ship's Navigator, Army Aviator or Air Traffic Controller. The ADF also provides undergraduate scholarships.

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