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What is Defence doing?

Protecting the Public

The Australian Government has approved policy for managing land affected by UXO. The Department of Defence implements this policy.

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The Department of Defence maintains a record of sites confirmed as or suspected of being, contaminated with UXO. Extracts of this register can be made available upon request to planning authorities to assist in local land use planning.

The Commonwealth assists land planning and management authorities in protecting the public from the hazards associated with the development of land, and zoning proposals involving such land, for UXO contaminated areas.

In order to warn prospective purchasers of land believed to be contaminated with UXO, the Commonwealth will seek to inform the public where it knows of dangers considered to have arisen from particular UXO Contamination. This is generally achieved through the provision of UXO assessments and advice to State and Local government land management and planning authorities.

The Commonwealth cannot however provide an assurance to all prospective purchasers that, in the absence of warning with respect to their land it will be free of UXO.

Offering Advice

The Department of Defence will provide advice on the hazards associated with UXO to all Commonwealth, State and Local Government Authorities and private organisations or individuals who request it.

Do not touch or attempt to move UXO! Mark the location and inform the Police. They will instigate a request for Defence personnel to attend and dispose of the item

Defence is actively engaged in identifying areas where UXO are likely to be present. Members of the public can assist in this process. If you have any information that may be of assistance please contact

A flyer highlighting the issues of UXO and the actions to be taken should you encounter UXO and more information can be found below.

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