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Service & Personnel Records


What is a service record?

Service records are raised and maintained to assist in the effective management and administration of members both during and after their service.

Service records are classified into two categories:

  • personal records, and
  • health records.

Personal records include all those documents relating to a member’s routine administration, career management and training whilst health records include medical, dental and psychological records.

Accessing service records

Please note that in some cases you may only require access to particular documents in your records depending on the purpose of your request. By specifying the purpose for request on the request for service records form, you will be able to assist Defence Archives in determining which records you require. Please enter a reason for request in the reason and urgency of request field on the request for service records form. For more information on accessing service records see the following brochure [PDF 168KB].

Which service record type are you looking for?

About Defence Archives

  • Manages the storage, archiving and retrieval of service records (both personal and health) for discharged members in Defence Archives custody.
  • Responds to requests for information for service records (both personal and health) for discharged members or their advocates in Defence Archives custody.



If you have an urgent eulogy request please visit the Eulogy Request page for more information.

Defence Archives Brochure

Defence Archives Brochure