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RODUM Review

Terms of Reference

Review of the Reporting of Defects (RODUMs) with Australian Defence Force (ADF) Personal Equipment and Combat Clothing

1. The review is to examine and make recommendations on the effectiveness and efficiency of the current system, including policy and procedures, for reporting defects with ADF personal equipment and combat clothing, with a particular focus on the Report on Defective or Unsatisfactory Materiel (RODUM) regime.

Assessment of Current Reporting Arrangements

2. The review is to assess:

  • the ease of use and responsiveness of the current reporting system for the individual ADF member and his or her immediate chain of command, and the feedback arrangements following defect reports; and
  • whether the current reporting system provides adequate and timely advice to higher ADF command and senior Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) management on reported defects.

3. The review will provide options to improve the operation of the current reporting system or, in the event that it is considered that systemic weaknesses exist, suggest an alternate system, or supplementary mechanism to ensure the adequacy of the reporting of defects.

4. This review will also take into account the recommendations of the Harding Review in relation to RODUMs and assess progress with the implementation of those recommendations.

Claims of Defective Equipment

5. The review is to examine the scope and nature of claims made in relation to defective ADF personal equipment and combat clothing in the last 12 months, and the adequacy and timeliness of the current regime in responding to these claims.


6. The review will be conducted by an independent external reviewer. Submissions will be invited and are to be lodged within two months of the commencement of the review.


7. The review will report within four months of the commencement date.


8. The review will be supported by a small Secretariat in the Office of the Secretary and Chief of the Defence Force Group, drawing as necessary on DMO and other expertise in the Department of Defence.