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Defence Publications

ADF Posture Review

Terms of Reference

The Force Posture Review will:

  1. as its starting point draw on the security, strategic and capability judgements outlined in the Defence White Paper 2009 Defending Australia in the Asia Pacific Century: Force 2030;
  2. draw on work currently underway in Defence through the 2011 Annual Defence Planning Guidance;
  3. outline the future security and strategic environment and challenges Australia needs to be positioned to respond to up to 2030;
  4. consider the potential strategic and security role of Australia’s offshore territories, particularly Cocos and Christmas Islands, for Force Posture requirements;
  5. consider the implications for ADF Force Posture of the need for energy security, including security issues associated with expanding offshore resource exploitation in our North West and Northern approaches;
  6. consider how the future ADF Force Posture will support Australia’s ability to respond to a range of activities including:
    • deployments on missions and operations overseas;
    • support of operations in our wider region; and
    • practical engagement with the countries of the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean rim in ways that help to shape security and strategic circumstances in Australia’s interest;
  7. assess the impact on the ADF’s Force Posture of a range of domestic, demographic and economic issues including:
    • more intense minerals and petroleum resource activities around Defence training and exercise ranges;
    • urban encroachment on existing Defence facilities;
    • community attitudes to living standards and residential locations; and
    • the need for a more cost-effective approach to basing;
  8. make recommendations in relation to the basing options for Force 2030 across Australia including in relation to:
    • Navy platforms (including the Air Warfare Destroyers, Landing Helicopter Docks, Future Submarines, the ANZAC Frigate and its replacements and offshore patrol vessels);
    • Army’s additional northern basing requirements; and
    • Air Force’s plans to introduce a range of new aircraft and associated support systems into service; and
    • consider other relevant issues including population and population spread