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Sea King Board of Inquiry


Squadron Leader Paul McCarthy

Born in 1974, SQNLDR McCarthy joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1995 as a medical officer.

After completing Officer training at Point Cook, he spent most of his career at Williamtown before being posted to Pearce in 2003.

He had skills in aeromedical evacuation and held an Early Management of Severe Trauma Licence.

He served in East Timor, Iraq and Operation Sumatra Assist.

SQNLDR Paul McCarthy

Lieutenant Matthew Davey

LEUT Davey was born in December 1973.

After joining the Army Reserves in 2000, LEUT Davey went on to become a Medical Officer, serving in several different Army health establishments.

In 2002 he transferred to the Royal Australian Navy Reserve (RANR). He deployed to East Timor for Operation Citadel and was eventually posted to HMAS Kanimbla’s Primary Casualty Reception Facility for Operation Sumatra Assist.

LEUT Matthew Davey

Lieutenant Jonathan King

Born in 1972, LEUT King joined the Navy in 1996.

Promoted to Able Seaman in 1998, his postings included HMAS Cerberus, HMAS Penguin, HMAS Shepparton and HMAS Cairns.

He was commissioned in 2000 and appointed Sub Lieutenant.

He commenced the Australian Defence Force Basic Pilots Course in 2000 and went on to successfully complete the Royal Australian Air Force Advanced Pilots Course in 2001. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2002. In 2003 he was posted to No. 817 Squadron. Operation Sumatra Assist was his first operation.

LEUT Jonathan King

Lieutenant Paul Kimlin

LEUT Kimlin was born in 1976.

He joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1996 as a Midshipman to train as a pilot. After being promoted to Sub Lieutenant in 1999, he deployed to East Timor. In 2001 he was posted to 817 Squadron.

Promoted to Lieutenant in 2002, he was posted to HMAS Kanimbla in 2003 for Operation Falconer.

Operations he participated in include Tanager, Relex, Bastille, Slipper, and Sumatra Assist.

LEUT Paul Kimlin

Lieutenant Matthew Goodall

Born in 1980, LEUT Goodall joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1998 as a Midshipman at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). Following the Observers Course at RAAF East Sale from July 2001, his postings included 723 Squadron in 2002, 816 Squadron in 2003 and 817 Squadron, also in 2003.

He was promoted to Lieutenant in January 2004.

Operation Sumatra Assist was the first operation LEUT Goodall had served in.

LEUT Matthew Goodall

Flight Lieutenant Lynne Rowbottom

Born in 1962, FLTLT Rowbottom joined the Royal Australian Air Force as a Nursing Officer in 1996 at the age of 34.

In 1999 after various postings, she was promoted to Flight Lieutenant.

In 2001, she was posted to 323 Combat Support Squadron. She participated in Operation Citadel in East Timor.

In March 2005, FLTLT Rowbottom was deployed to Indonesia for Operation Sumatra Assist II.

FLTLT Lynne Rowbottom

Petty Officer Stephen Slattery

PO Slattery was born in 1966 and joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1984. He was promoted to Able Seaman in 1986 and become a Medic in 1986.

He was then promoted to Leading Seaman in 1998 and Petty Officer in 2004.

His postings include HMA Ships Stirling, Stuart, Penguin, Success, Cerberus, Albatross, Nirimba, Brisbane, Platypus, Perth, Waterhen, Cairns, Kuttabul and Kanimbla.

Operation Sumatra Assist was his first operation.

PO Stephen Slattery

Sergeant Wendy Jones

SGT Jones was born in 1964 and joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1990.

Since then, she served on a variety of Air Force bases.

Her qualifications and skills included operational health support, life support skills and critical incident stress management - peer support.

She served in East Timor on Operation Catalyst before her most recent experience on Operation Sumatra Assist.

SGT Wendy Jones

Leading Seaman Scott Bennet

LS Bennet was born in New Zealand in 1968.

After obtaining citizenship, he joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1990. Initially a Safety Equipment sailor, he converted to become a Boatswains Mate.

He was promoted to Leading Seaman in 1995 and served in East Timor in 1999.

He requalified as an Aircrewman in 2003.

Postings included HMAS Cerberus, HMAS Albatross, HMAS Hobart, 817 Squadron, 723 Squadron, HMAS Creswell, HMAS Kanimbla and HMAS Sydney

LS Scott Bennet