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Operation Augury - Philippines

Operation Augury - Philippines is the Australian Defence Force's partnership activity with the Armed Forces of the Philippines focused on sharing experiences and approaches to countering complex urban terrorist tactics. Australia's participation is focused on providing insight and experiences from recent ADF operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines sharing knowledge from their recent experiences in Marawi. The program is a collaborative exchange of tactics, techniques and procedures. Activities occur on Philippine military bases and at sea for the maritime border protection elements. A small number of activities are also conducted in Australia.

Operation Augury - Philippines greatly enhances the common shared understanding of terrorist threat in the region and builds on a long-standing security relationship between the two countries

The operation includes Australian Navy, Army and Air Force personnel. Around 100 ADF personnel are deployed to the Philippines as part of the land and air components of Operation Augury - Philippines. In addition, from time to time Royal Australian Navy vessels work with the Philippine Navy in the Sulu and Celebes Seas, and temporarily increase the number of ADF members working with the Philippines.

Australia’s engagement with the Philippines builds on the strong foundations of our well-established Defence Cooperation Program, including bilateral and multilateral exercises, officer exchanges, regular senior-level consultations, and training and education courses with around 150 positions offered annually for training in Australia.