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Imperial Awards

1914 Star

The 1914 Star was authorised in April 1917 to be awarded to those who served in France or Belgium on the strength of a unit, or who served in either of those two countries between 5 August 1914 and midnight on 22/23 November 1914. A recipient of the 1914 Star could not also be awarded the 1914–15 Star.


The four pointed star is bright bronze, ensigned with a crown. The obverse has crossed gladius, overlaid with an oak wreath that is ensigned with the cypher of King George V. Interlaced in the crossed blades of the gladius is an ‘S’ shaped scroll bearing the words ‘AUG’, ‘1914’, and ‘NOV’.


The ribbon has the red white and blue colours of the Empire, in shaded and watered stripes.


A bronze clasp inscribed ‘5th Aug – 22nd Nov 1914’ was issued to those who actually served under the fire of the enemy in France and Belgium between those dates.

1914 Star Clasp - Click to open high resolution version in new window

When the ribbon is worn alone, recipients of the clasp to the medal wear a small silver rose on the ribbon bar.

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1914 Star [PDF]


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1914 Star - Click to open high resolution version in new window

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