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General Service Medal 1918-62

The General Service Medal 1918-62 was instituted in 1923 as a general service medal similar to the Naval General Service Medal 1915-1962 and to be awarded for minor conflicts for which no other specific campaign medal is awarded. It was always awarded with a clasp indicating the area for which the medal was awarded. Subsequent service is recognised by the award of further clasps to be worn on the original medal.


The medal is cupro-nickel medal with the obverse having the effigy of the reigning sovereign at time of issue.

The reverse bears a figure of Victory with a trident in her left hand and a wreath in her right. Directly below the wreath is a winged sun above a sword, vertically aligned with the tip pointing towards the base of the medal.


The ribbon is purple with a central dark green stripe.


The following clasps have been issued for the medal:

  • S. Persia
  • Kurdistan
  • Iraq
  • N.W. Persia
  • Southern Desert, Iraq
  • Northern Kurdistan
  • Palestine
  • Bomb and Mine Clearance 1945-49
  • Palestine 1945-48
  • Bomb and Mine Clearance 1945-56
  • Malaya
  • S.E. Asia 1945-46
  • Cyprus
  • Near East
  • Arabian Peninsula
  • Brunei

Oak Leaf

Members mentioned in despatches for operations recognised by the General Service Medal 1918-62 after 11 August 1920 were approved to wear a bronze oak leaf on the medal ribbon.

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