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Joint Capabilities Group

Joint Logistics Command

Defence Logistics Manual - Part 4
Additional Defence Logistics Manuals
Australian Defence Force - Force Extraction Cleaning Manual

Should you wish to view any of these documents in another format, or have any comments or enquiries please email the Defence Logistics Policy Office.

Chapter Title
1 Cleaning and Inspection Procedures - Military Equipment Returning to Australia
2 Cleaning and Inspection Procedures
3 Cleaning Instructions for Individual Personal Equipment 
4 Equipment cleaning Guide A–Z 
5 Cleaning Instructions—Landrover 110 4x4 
5A Cleaning Instructions—G–Wagon Family of Vehicles
6 Cleaning Instructions—Landrover 110 6x6
7 Cleaning Instructions—Commercial Vehicle 4x4 
8 Cleaning Instructions—Motorcyles
9 Cleaning Instructions—Unimog
10 Cleaning Instructions—Mack Truck
11 Cleaning Instructions—Trailers
12 Cleaning Instructions—TASLU/TALU/TALCOP 
13 Cleaning Instructions—M113 
14 Cleaning Instructions—All Terrain Vehicles 
15 Cleaning Instructions—Australian Light 
16 Cleaning Instructions—Bushmaster 
17 Cleaning Instructions—Wheel Loader Hitachi LX120 
18 Cleaning Instructions—Rollers Generic 
19 Cleaning Instructions—Crawler Excavators 
20 Cleaning Instructions—Pacific Pneumatic Roller 
21 Cleaning Instructions—Dozers 
22 Cleaning Instructions—DYNAPAC CT262 Tamping Roller 
23 Cleaning Instructions—KALMAR Container Handler
24 Cleaning Instructions—Forklifts 
25 Cleaning Instructions—Skid Steer 
26 Cleaning Instructions—Backhoe 
27 Cleaning Instructions—KOMATSU WS 16S–2 Wheeled Scraper 
28 Cleaning Instructions—Generator Sets Domestic 
29 Cleaning Instructions—Motorised Graders 
30 Cleaning Instructions—Tractors 
31 Cleaning Instructions—Tank Medium Flexible Assembly 
32 Cleaning Instructions—Cranes Mobile Telescopic
33 Cleaning Instructions—Bladder/Tank Collapsible
34 Cleaning Instructions—Water purification units skid or pallet mounted 
35 Cleaning Instructions—Water purification units trailer mounted 
36 Cleaning Instructions—Water tank rigid self deployable 3000 LT 
37 Cleaning Instructions— Water Distribution Pod 4500 LT 
38 Cleaning Instructions—Ground Power Unit 
39 Cleaning Instructions—Field Lubricating and Servicing Pallet 
40 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Aerial Stores Lift Truck 
41 Cleaning Instructions—Mainline POL Pump 
42 Cleaning Instructions—BOMAG Mixer, Rotary Tiller 
43 Cleaning Instructions—Field Artillery 
44 Cleaning Instructions—Ambulance Mercedes C16CDI 4x4 
45 Cleaning Instructions—Deployable Maintenance Vehicle Large
46 Cleaning Instructions—Vehicle Boom-lift, Self-propelled
47 Cleaning Instructions—Truck Fire Fighting 
48 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Tow Motors 
49 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Hydraulic Rigs
50 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Air-conditioning Units 
51 Cleaning Instructions—Ambulance HINO 
52 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Propeller Stands
53 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Maintenance Stands
54 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Nitrogen Trailer 
55 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Oxygen Trailer 
56 Cleaning Instructions—Trailer Ammunition General Purpose 
57 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Dehumidifiers
58 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Munitions Trailers 
59 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Munitions Trolleys 
60 Cleaning Instructions—Catering Equipment 
61 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Hydraulic Jacks 
62 Cleaning Instructions—Dolly Set Mobilizer
63 Cleaning Instructions—Mobile Resistive Load Banks 
64 Cleaning Instructions—Truck Platform Elevating 
65 Cleaning Instructions—Mobile Aircraft Arrester Systems 
66 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Air Start units 
67 Cleaning Instructions—Truck, Toilet Service Aircraft 
68 Cleaning Instructions—Work Platform, Scissor Lift
69 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Trailer General Purpose 
70 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Loadbanks 
71 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft JUNIPUR Portable Washers 
72 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Engine Stands 
73 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Portable Work Lights 
74 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Fire Extinguishers 
75 Cleaning Instructions—Crane Field Engine Change 6000LB 
76 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft power-air Start Units 
77 Cleaning Instructions—Cabin Pressurisation Rig 
78 Cleaning Instructions—TAMAR Water Pump
79 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft Trailer Battle Damage 
80 Cleaning Instructions—Deployable Maintenance Vehicle Small
81 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft METCALFE Engine Wash Rig 
82 Cleaning Instructions—Aircraft GUTSY Pac 
83 Cleaning Instructions—Air Compressor Mobile 
84 Cleaning Instructions—Boat ZODIAC 
85 Cleaning Instructions—Diving Equipment 
86 Cleaning Instructions—Ancillary Diving Equipment 
87 Cleaning Instructions—Demolitions Equipment 
88 Cleaning Instructions—MEGAJET 4-in-1 Workstation 
89 Cleaning Instructions—M1A1 AIM SA Abrams Tank 
90 Cleaning Instructions—M88A2 Hercules Heavy Recovery Vehicle
91 Cleaning Instructions—Heavy Tank Transporter 
92 Cleaning Instructions—Water Pump positive Assembly (Portable Water Pump) 
93 Cleaning Instructions—Mobile Elevated Communications Cabin
94 Cleaning Instructions—Transportable Air Surveillance Radar 
95 Cleaning Instructions—Mercedes Actros 
96 Cleaning Instructions—Cement Mixer Transportable 
97 Cleaning Instructions—Chubby Rapid Route and Area Mine Neutralisation System 
98 Cleaning Instructions—Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System