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United States Force Posture Initiatives

Enhanced Air Cooperation

Enhanced Air Cooperation (EAC) is one of the US Force Posture Initiatives. It features an expanded program of engagement between the Royal Australian Air Force and US air elements to support security and stability across the Indo-Pacific. EAC activities commenced in February 2017 and build on a broad range of long standing air exercises and training activities already undertaken between Australia and the US.

Australia and the US are developing infrastructure in Northern Australia to support the Initiatives, which will enable increased rotations of US air elements to participate in training activities and respond to regional crises.

EAC aims to deepen advanced air-to-air integration between the Australian Defence Force and US air elements to better enable us to operate together seamlessly. EAC activities include fifth generation integration, aircraft maintenance integration, aeromedical evacuation (AME) integration, refuelling certification, and combined technical skills and logistics training.

EAC also provides opportunities to enhance Australia and US engagement with regional partner air forces through involvement in exercises and training activities. The Cross-servicing arrangement for the repair and maintenance of C-17A Globemaster transport aircraft has reduced aircraft downtime by 600 hours and led to savings in overseas travel expenses. As at 2021, five C-17A aircraft have been serviced in Australia and the US under the arrangement with plans to expand the C-130J to the Arrangement.

Marine Rotational Force-Darwin

The Marine Rotational Force-Darwin (MRF-D) undertake a range of activities, combined exercises and training with the Australian Defence Force and regional partners.