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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative

Managing Defence Training Areas

An Australian Army M1 Abrams Tank takes up a firing position at Shoalwater Bay during Exercise Diamond Strike 2018.

Defence recognises that the sustainable use and management of its training areas in Central and North Queensland is critical to maximising training outcomes for the Australian Defence Force and Singapore Armed Forces under the ASMTI.

Ongoing maintenance and support of these training areas will be required once the facilities are operational.

This includes:

Land management

Defence strives to protect the biodiversity and heritage values of its training areas and has an environment consultant on board to undertake environment and heritage studies to inform the monitoring and control of weeds and pests, and to conduct bushfire risk management on the training areas.

Defence has also established bushfire management plans. These plans cover prescribed burning programs to minimise risk of fire spread by building fire trails and breaks to reinforce Training Area boundaries.

Environmental considerations

Defence is committed to the responsible stewardship of its estate and complies with all relevant legislation and regulations when establishing and expanding training areas, including the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Indigenous Land Use Agreements

Defence is committed to developing long-term, collaborative arrangements with Traditional Owners in Central and North Queensland as it continues to establish, develop and manage the training areas.

Business opportunities

There will be opportunities for local businesses during operation and maintenance of the training areas.

Visit the Business Opportunities webpage for more information.

Further information