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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative

Business Opportunities

Australian Army soldier Sapper Edwin Dos Santos (right), assists a local man level a pipe at a construction facility in NSW.

Defence is committed to maximising economic benefits for communities and opportunities for local industry in Central and North Queensland across the life of the ASMTI.

Local businesses will have opportunities to seek work across a range of areas under the ASMTI, including construction, logistics and technical support.

Opportunities during establishment of the training areas include training area design and construction of infrastructure and facilities.

Once the training areas are operational, Defence anticipates there will be additional opportunities for local businesses in logistics, maintenance, administrative and transportation support.

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Central Queensland

Laing O’Rourke was announced as the Managing Contractor for construction works at Shoalwater Bay Training Area in September 2018.

As part of its Local Industry Capability Plan, Laing O’Rourke has committed to sourcing in the order of 80 per cent of the value of the sub-contracted works from the Central Queensland region, ensuring local businesses can take advantage of opportunities arising from the ASMTI.

Date Milestone
Mid-2019 Procurement for early works packages, including:
  • perimeter fencing,
  • site signage,
  • firebreak construction, and
  • civil works.
Late-2019 Early works commence.
2020 Procurement for major works.
Major works commence, which may include:
  • urban operations training facilities,
  • vehicle parking and washing facilities,
  • camps,
  • information and communication technology infrastructure,
  • field vehicle maintenance facilities,
  • field explosive ordnance storage,
  • waste management, and
  • medical facilities.
2021 Major works continue
2024 Expected construction completion

Please note: indicative timeframes.

For further information about construction works at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area, contact Laing O’Rourke:

North Queensland

CPB Contractors Pty Ltd was announced as the Managing Contractor for the design of the Greenvale Training Area in November 2020.

On successful completion of the planning phase of the contract, CPB will be engaged to deliver the $800 million facilities and infrastructure at Greenvale Training Area. As part of its Local Industry Capability Plan, CPB committed to sourcing in the order of 95 per cent of the value of work packages for site investigations and design services from subcontractors with operations in the North Queensland region. Defence anticipates that 95% of major construction work packages will be awarded to businesses within the regional area (within 500km of Greenvale).

Capability Statements – North Queensland

There will be opportunities for local businesses to participate in the development of the new Greenvale Training Area in North Queensland. Interested individuals and businesses are invited to submit their business skills and capabilities in the format of a Capability Statement.

Submitting a Capability Statement helps Defence gather accurate information about the local workforce and establishes a pool of interested individuals and businesses.

Defence, medium works contractors and the Managing Contractor, CPB Contractors Pty Ltd, will use the Capability Statements to support the participation of local businesses when compiling and implementing works packages.

Submissions of Capability Statements for the development of the Greenvale Training Area are open to 12 noon AEST 31 December 2022.

For further information, read the Capability Statement Frequently Asked Questions.

Legal disclaimer:

The intent of the Capability Statement is to enhance the opportunity for local industry participation. Local Interested Parties have the opportunity to complete a Capability Statement and express interest to the Facilities Project. The Facilities Project intends to provide the Capability Statements to Tenderers shortlisted in the planned Medium Works Contract Request for Tender and the Managing Contractor Contract Request for Tender to help enable them to inform their Local Industry Participation Plans. Capability Statements are not a representation that any Interested Persons who submits information will be engaged to carry out any works or services by the Commonwealth, successful Tenderer or any third party contractor. However they should help maximise the opportunity for local industry.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1 - Download the Capability Statement template.

Step 2 - Complete and email the template to

Step 3 - You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

Step 4 - The Project intends to provide Capability Statements to Tenderers shortlisted for the planned Medium Works and Managing Contractor Requests for Tender.

Next steps

Defence will continue to meet with local businesses in Central and North Queensland to provide updates and answer questions as planning and procurement progresses for early and major works.

For details of upcoming ASMTI events, visit the News and Events webpage, or subscribe to the ASMTI email newsletter.

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