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Information Publication Scheme

Our IPS Plan

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Part 2 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) establishes an Information Publication Scheme (IPS) for Australian Government agencies subject to the FOI Act. The IPS commenced on 1 May 2011 and requires the Department of Defence to publish a broad range of information on this website. Defence is also required to publish a plan that explains how the IPS is administered.

The IPS underpins a proactive disclosure culture across government, and transforms the freedom of information framework from one that is reactive to individual requests for documents, to one that also relies more heavily on agency driven publication of information. The IPS requirements are intended to facilitate and promote public access to information promptly and at the lowest reasonable cost.

This plan describes how Defence implements and administers its IPS entries as required by s 8(1) of the FOI Act, by addressing:

  • administration of the Defence IPS entries
  • information architecture
  • information required to be published
  • other information to be published
  • IPS compliance review.

Defence will continue to build and foster a culture in which appropriate proactive disclosure of its information holdings is embraced. This is in recognition that public sector information is a national resource, managed for public purposes.


The purpose of this agency plan is to:

  • assist Defence in maintaining and enhancing its IPS entries
  • facilitate improved transparency, and
  • further identify information for public release, as well as ways in which Defence can improve compliance with the IPS requirements.


Defence's objective is to outline appropriate mechanisms and procedures to:

  • manage its IPS entries
  • identify and publish all information required to be published (s 8(2))
  • pro-actively identify and publish any other information to be published (s 8(4))
  • review on a regular basis and ensure that information published as part of its IPS entries is accurate, up to date and complete (s 8B)
  • ensure that information published as part of its IPS entries is easily discoverable, understandable, machine-readable, re-useable and transformable
  • ensure satisfactory conformance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (Version 2) (WCAG 2.0)
  • review and revise the Agency IPS Plan as needed
  • reduce the number of formal requests under the FOI Act by making information that is routinely sought readily available and accessible.

Information required to be published under the IPS

Defence has published mandatory information required under the IPS (s 8(2)) under 'About' information on the Defence website.

This includes:

Other information to be published under the IPS

Defence proactively publishes other information that it holds (in addition to the information published under s 8(2)), taking into account the objects of the FOI Act (s 8(4)).

Administering our IPS entry

Defence publishes information required under the IPS and refers to the Office of the Australian Commissioner for guidance and advice.


Defence will not charge for information provided by email. However, where information is requested in an alternative format (for example, a photocopy of the document) and the reimbursement or incidental costs would be more than $100, charges may apply. The charges that may apply are listed below.

A list of charges
Format Charges
Photocopy 10 cents per page
Copy (other than photocopy) $4.40 per page
Copy of the document to be sent to the applicant by post or delivered to the applicant An amount not exceeding the cost of postage or delivery

Information architecture

The point of entry for public access to the Defence IPS content is the Defence website homepage. The IPS content can be accessed via the homepage navigation menu and the Accessing our Information icon in the footer.

The Defence IPS is structured as follows:

IPS Plan review

Defence reviews the operation of the IPS Plan as needed.