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For Families

Defence acknowledges the significant contribution of ADF families, their role in supporting ADF members throughout their career, including during deployment, and the support they provide during the care and rehabilitation of members who are wounded, injured or ill. The following links provide information to assist military families with their own health and wellbeing in challenging circumstances, as well as with the health and wellbeing of the ADF member.

Support for Wounded, Injured or Ill Members and their Families


Serving members that may have developed PTSD during or after their military service may be able to participate in a new clinical treatment trial known as the RESTORE Trial - Rapid Exposure Supporting Trauma Recovery.

The RESTORE Trial is investigating one of the most effective treatments for PTSD - known as Prolonged Exposure (PE). Prolonged Exposure therapy is a gold standard evidence-based treatment best described as a type of trauma - focused cognitive behavioural therapy.

The trial is being held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

For more information visit the "How can family help a member going through RESTORE?" section on the RESTORE page.