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Defence Health

Army Malaria Institute

Department of Arbovirology


Culex annulirostris

To inform the ADF of threats posed by arthropod borne viruses to personnel in Australia and while deployed.

To support the development of vaccines and diagnostic technologies that will reduce the threat of arthropod borne viral diseases to the ADF.

Current Research Projects

  • Dengue epidemiology in the Asia Pacific region
  • Genetics and evolution of mosquito borne viruses
  • Ross River virus vaccine clinical trial
  • Dengue surveillance in Vietnam (collaborative project with the Vietnam Peoples Army)



  • Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology


  • Vietnam Peoples Army
  • US Armed Forces Research Laboratory, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Baxter Biosciences
  • World Health Organisation, WPRO, SEARO.



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21 September, 2011