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Publication of Export Controlled Technology

Publication is when Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL) Technology - 'DSGL technology' - is made available to the public or to a section of the public via the internet or otherwise. Publication controls apply to anyone in 'Australia', or an Australian citizen or resident or Australian organisation located anywhere in the world.

The publication of Part 1 (Munitions List) DSGL technology is regulated and requires approval from Defence Export Controls (DEC) before publication can occur. The publication of Part 2 (Dual-Use List) DSGL technology is not regulated; no approval is required from Defence.

It is important to note that controlled technology is rarely ever published. Defence examined over 300 publications and determined that less than 3% conveyed controlled technology. Of these publications, the technology only just met the control threshold.

The controls only apply if a person is publishing controlled technology. It is essential to remember that technologies in the DSGL are only controlled in quite limited circumstances. Technology is not controlled if it is already in the public domain or part of basic scientific research. Most importantly, technology is only controlled if it meets the high threshold of being that very specific technology that is particularly responsible for achieving or extending controlled performance levels, characteristics or functions.