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Defence Export Controls Mission

A soldier provides a mission brief using a mud map

Our mission is to enable the responsible export of defence and strategic goods and technologies by:

  • providing early advice to producers and developers on the control status and exportability of their good, service and technology
  • issuing permits and licences for controlled exports
  • delivering outreach programs to enable exporters to meet their obligations under relevant Australian regulations and legislation
  • contributing to Australia's international efforts to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction through participation in multilateral non-proliferation and export control regimes
  • authorising end-user and non-transfer certificates for the import of controlled defence and strategic goods
  • providing assistance with re-transfer approvals for foreign-sourced defence items

To achieve this in a cost-effective and efficient manner, we are working to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provide accurate, consistent and timely export control advice
  • Facilitate the responsible export of controlled goods and technologies
  • Be an active partner in a networked system of export controls
  • Be a workplace of choice
  • Be accountable and transparent in all our business